You won’t believe this!!!!!

I got up this morning to the sound of freezing rain, and the knowledge that it means a snow day is in our midst. We ambled down stairs after several text messages from some half-starved little girls, and hit up the Keurig for some early morning deliciousness. After the waifs were fed their rations of gruel, my sweet love cleaned the washroom, got herself out the door for work, and proceeded to bring home the bacon.

There were several question periods during the course of the day consisting mainly of  “What are we going to do today?” and “Why can’t we go and do something today?”. These were always followed up with, but not limited to, “But I’m bored” or “There’s nothing to do”. I then sat down to go through jobs in the area. Nothing. Well, the Canada job bank site is down, so I’m going to imagine that my dream job is right on the other side of that technical difficulty notice.

After entertaining the youngest for what seemed like an hour, I began to make lunch for the only one who would eat anything. If you call half of a tuna sandwich eating. Mrs. B came home right about then, and made some chicken salad, but was feeling a bit out of sorts, so she had a little lay down, while I lounged about the computer trying to figure out ways to earn money with the internet. I was luckily guided by a friend who has connections in the online advertising industry, and was soon on my way through the approval process of an advertising company’s site, and then when I had finally got that done, was told that I now needed to be approved by the individual advertisers themselves.

By this time, Skype had called my true love and assured her in a digitized voice, that her computer was not protected after today, and to go on their website and they would fix her right up. While she was up trying to cancel her Skype account after reading about how countless other Skype accounts had been hacked and looted, T grew quite bored again. We had already cleaned the floors (I moved things and she mopped), and TV, reading, and playing with her Monster High dolls was all BORING! I finally told her I would relinquish my laptop so that she could play the beloved Animal Jam, and then I shut everything down for her. As I was getting out of the chair at the kitchen table, she asked what I was going to do. I told her that I was going to read Farmer Boy, and she excitedly asked if I would read it to her.

The next hour was spent regaling her with the antics of Almanzo, and how the big settlement boys were going to thrash the schoolteacher Mr. Corse, but had the tables turned when the small man pulled out a whip, and proceeded to whip Big Bill until his clothes and skin were lacerated to shreds. We learned about cutting and storing the ice in the ice shed, eating a lot of cookies, doughnuts, and cake and yolking, grooming, and breaking a pair of calves. After I told her that I couldn’t read any more, she asked if she could read for a while. I of course said yes, but didn’t realize that she meant that she was going to read to me.

Riveting. A must read.

I really do love her books. All kids should read them.

Are any of you familiar with the character Junie B. Jones? No? She’s in kindergarten, and her story was being read by an eight year old. It was painstaking to say the least, but I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.

Yeah, there were other things that I should have been doing, but I got to entertain the sweetest little girl for the better part of a day, because she would rather tell me detailed stories about how she hurt her ankle at school, or who was at her seventh, and eighth birthday parties, and have me read to her, than play a video game on the computer. In my mind, that’s about the most important task I had, and I really wouldn’t mind getting snowed in tomorrow either.


As my true love was getting supper ready, she got a call from Princess Beaner. I guess I didn’t bring it up before, but Beaner got very sick while we were in the Dominican, and has been in really bad shape since we got back. Well, today she was admitted to the hospital, and is in isolation, because of whatever it is. It’s bad enough that she had a CT scan, and a spinal tap, and she is just waiting for the results of those tests. Anyhow, Mrs. B went to the hospital to sit with her, because Stan had been with her all day, and he had to get the boys ready and take them to hockey. It’s pretty scary when you think about all of the disease floating around down there, and we didn’t get any shots to prevent it. I didn’t even realize that there were shots, because I had never thought to even ask. I don’t think any of us did. I guess Twinrix is a must have, and some shot you get for Giardiasis or Montezuma’s Revenge is another. I can tell you that we will be getting ours before we head south again, but I don’t think that Beaner will be going back again, ever. 🙁

We all love you, and hope you are back to your fighting weight soon, Princess.

Now I’ve got the kids to bed, and just got a call that my darling is on her way home and hungry, so I had better fix her up a plate of the casserole that she made before she left. It was pretty delicious.

I woke up this morning, and prayed to the gypsy rose lady,


P.S. Did you notice the title? Did it make you read all the way to here, or were you going to anyhow?

4 thoughts on “You won’t believe this!!!!!

  1. I usually stop reading half way through the blog! but the title definitely kept me on the edge of my seat, right til the end! GREAT CAPTURE!

  2. Nice job Birdman.

    Give the Princess my best and tell her I am sending get better vibes her way.

    so happy to hear you are reading to the munchkins. They will treasure that memory for the rest of thier lives. Awesome stepdad thing to do.

    I do think you sould learn how to cook and then cook for Mrs.B. She works hard and deserves her man cook her a hot meal when she gets home.

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