You Ever Git Whupped At School?


I did. Some of you were there. I’m sure there were others that got it too, but I can’t remember who they were. Probably Mark Cook and Brian Smith. It’s weird how the times change, but they do. Nowadays they wouldn’t dream of striking a student. Well, they probably dream of it all the time, but they just can’t follow through.

Anyhow, you can read all about it over at Aiming Low. While you’re there you should check out some other fantastic writers. There are lots of them around that place.

Iieieieieieieeiiii will love you foreeaeaeaeaever,


3 thoughts on “You Ever Git Whupped At School?

  1. I think there are kids that should get the strap NOW!

    Little buggers.

    I wonder if the school would contract it out, that way they’re not to blame. I would wait in a van out in the parking lot, and when the little shits came out, I would jump out of the back and beat the crap outta them with the strap…. Dazed & Confused style 😉

    • I totally agree with you, but all of these bleeding hearts don’t want to see welts all over their wittle babies. I probably wouldn’t have needed all of those beatings if the knew what ADD or ADHD was back then. They would have put me on ritalin and everything would have been hunky dory.

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