Words With Smarty and a Bunch of Griping

Sadly, this is what I’ve resorted to. I got quite pissed off with myself yesterday and refused to do a post.

What could cause me such anger, you ask?

I don’t really know, but I was pretty pissed off and feeling alone.


If that’s possible.

I wasn’t talking about being alone in the physical, or emotional sense, because I have Mrs. Birdman for that, and I have a ton of family and friends that I can talk to. No it’s not that, but I just had this feeling.

My friends don’t understand.

Pardon? They don’t understand what?

Nevermind. Forget I said anything.

Seriously though. I’m not going crazy or anything, I’m just doing a lot of thinking, and it’s mostly to do with blogging. Blogging in the summer. It’s hard.

A blogger buddy dropped out for a bit, just the other day. I hope he comes back.

He is discouraged, and I know just how he feels. I think we all do to an extent.

I hope it’s just the season, because I hate to think that this feeling lasts a long time. This feeling of not ever making anything out of it. Blogging, I mean.

I know what you are thinking, and yes, I do sit down to pee if I have just woke up, but I’m afraid to spray it all over when I’m not quite awake yet. That, and I like it.

You are also thinking that I shouldn’t want to make anything of it anyhow. It’s just a hobby, right? Just a way to let out my creative side, and maybe make a few people laugh or cry. Why should I get anything out of it?

That’s what I’m thinking.

I think it’s just when you put so much into something, and then the return on your investment seems like it isn’t enough.

I’m whining.

I have new readers coming in every day, and that’s awesome. You all know that I love interacting with people. It’s a good thing that those people are commenting and keeping me going, because sometimes I just get frustrated with myself and want to start knocking on doors.

Doors of my old readers.

There, I said it. It’s out in the fucking open now.

I miss my old friends. The ones who were always commenting, encouraging, and putting up with my shit. One by one, they all kind of went away. I have noticed it happening since I started the blog, and I guess it’s probably that my writing style has changed over the months, and folks just don’t like it that much.

That’s one excuse. I don’t know if it really has changed, but I need something to blame it on. Something like the amount of swearing and lewd conduct. I love to blame that for a lack of readership, because it’s easy to do. It’s way easier to think that, than to delve into the real reason.

I’ve gotten boring? I will admit that I bore myself on a good day, so it stands to reason that I may bore you too. I suppose that that is the most logical explanation. I would know, because I read/have read some blogs that I’ve unsubscribed from because they quit interesting me. It’s nobody’s fault, just the way things go. People move on, landscapes change over time. It’s a fact of life.

Whatever it is, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I quit blogging like I used to. Whatever that means.

I’m sorry that I take rejection to heart, but when I put something out there in this blog, it is usually me in a vulnerable state, and when every person I know doesn’t share it with every single one of their friends, I feel slighted. I’m not saying it’s normal, but that’s how I feel. I feel like it just wasn’t good enough to share.

That’s okay, maybe it wasn’t. I have to remember that this isn’t a competition. I don’t have to be the best writer. It’s a good thing too, because I don’t even rank in the top half of this amazing sphere of blog. I need to submit whatever the fuck I want, to whatever contest or group I want, and not care if their rules say I can’t do something. Kick my ass out if you don’t like it. (Kick it gently please.)

Anyhow, as usual, you people have helped me through another little funk, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Before I get on with the Words With Smarty thing, I want to tell you to get on G+, or go to Dude Write and read some of those amazing bloggers. You won’t regret it.

Okay, now for Smarty.


Words With Friends – Smarty Edition

I’m not going to explain much here, so have at it.

There you have it folks, I’ve been up for 24 hours now. I could really use a nap. I’ll be better off for thinking when I’ve got some sleep.

Sorry for being such a Debbie Downer, now go fuck your hats.

Down and out, it can’t be helped, but there’s a lot of it about,


15 thoughts on “Words With Smarty and a Bunch of Griping

  1. Ah… Birdman.

    I’ve been doing this for more than five years and I too, have gone through these ruts.I have lost readers, gained readers, pissed people off and sometimes written when no one was listening. I changed my writing style umpteen times until I found my voice and who knows? Maybe I still haven’t found it. Hell, I have even turned off my blog for a bit.Stick to it bro – in the end you will thank yourself — and have lots of sex… I don’t know what that had to do with anything, but you still should.

    Love those Words With Friends screen shots, LOL

    • Yeah, sometimes I feel like a loser. I don’t know why, because there are more people reading than ever before. I’m just mental sometimes, and when I’m tired, it’s a bad mix. I’ll get some sleep tonight, I’ll feel better tomorrow. No big deal, I’m not going to cut over this. Thanks for the pep talk, and I’m going to work on all that sex.

  2. Hey fella- I just thought it was enough that I read your blog…didn’t realize you were gonna be all bitchy and whine because nobody comments! lol So I’ll do my best to leave some sort of written evidence that yes, I have actually been here and yes, I DID read it. Now suck it up, Suzie- and get back to sounding off on people or subjects. Fire in a few more stories from your escapades out west. Curse some more. Be the Birdman we all know and love.
    Btw, I do find it a fun challenge when you add lyrics from old tunes signing off- usually end up humming that tunes all day. Thanks for that, buddy 🙂
    I just can’t help but feeling I’m living a life of illusion,

    • Thanks, buddy. When are we going to get things fired up around there? I need to start working out, almost as much as I need to drink beer.

  3. No internet at the new place yet. I’m doing this from my phone on the side of the road. The move sucked btw, the two arthritic senior citizens who helped couldn’t lift much. Gotta go, ill be back with more when I get online.

    • Boo with the no internet. I hope you whipped their old asses into shape. When they get really old, you will have to wipe their old asses.

  4. I’m TOTALLY with FERG! I try to read religiously, i really do! commenting kinda slowed down cause i don’t think my thoughts are funny anymore – why share! Sound off on people, pick on some big conglomerates, fuck with people you know are going to comment back and get a week long arguement going! You WILL keep being the Birdman we all know and love! Pick me first, I may not be witty or skinny – but I can lift heavy things!

    • I know you do, and I always love reading your comments. They always make my day. I think you should be writing your own posts, but that’s just me. Tool those motherfuckers up, Bitch, and we’ll worry about the editing if necessary.

  5. O.K…First off, I sure hope the Debbie Downer isn’t directed at me!!!I wonder if it is the pollen in the air? Got the same feelings lately, and I know I have been boring myself!!!
    Haven’t noticed too much change, Chris,read and enjoy them same as usual.

    • I wasn’t thinking of you when I wrote the statement, but now that you mention it… do any nice things happen at your work? Oh wait, I remember the place now. Don’t bother answering.

  6. I understand. I think most of us bloggers go through these cycles, I know I do. I’m in one right now, haven’t been writing. Partly because I don’t think my current readers would want to hear about what’s currently on my mind and going on in my life and partly because I’m just not ready to share. Also, readership always goes down in the summer. Fuck it. Just do what you do. If you change your writing style or topics you’ll lose some but more will find you. If you write it, they will come. Ha!

  7. I hear you loud and clear on your vent session. That’s one reason why I’ve been having gaps in my posting lately. I just start thinking that my posts aren’t good enough. My last few posts, I’ve tweeted and posted a link to the posts on my Facebook page, but I just don’t seem to get new followers/commenters. Then I feel bad because I haven’t been reading ANY blogs for a few weeks. I just couldn’t find the time to sit down and do it. Please know that if I go missing from our blog for a bit, I’m not gone for good. I really do enjoy reading your blog because I, personally, think you’re hilarious. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who gets into a funk.

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