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Yep, Fox has said I could give a Bluray of Wilfred away to coincide with it’s release on DVD and Bluray later on in June. It’s open to people in Canada and the US, and they will ship it right to your door. If you have one. If not, it will come to wherever you tell them to send it.

When they got in contact with me I was all like, “I wonder what Wilfred is? Must be a mini-series about the life of Wilfred Brimley.” Then I remembered that he spells it “Wilford”. I looked it up on Wikipedia and thought it looked pretty cool, so I started watching season 1 online.

It’s fucking hilarious. Check out this 30 second clip. It doesn’t show the whole pelican scene, but you kind of get the gist. The dark humour is fantastic, and Frodo’s timing is bang on, as is that of Jason Gann, who plays Wilfred.

I seriously get short of breath, laughing at some of this show. It’s not for everyone, but if you don’t mind potty, drug, and sex humour, you should really enjoy this. I would watch season one while they are mailing this one to you. You’ll be happy you did.


Available on Blu-ray and DVD June 18

 Wilfred S2 BD Art

Elijah Wood and Jason Gann return for another fearlessly funny season of Wilfred…the story of a dog and his man. Season two finds Ryan making a fresh start with a real job and a new girlfriend. But with Wilfred’s help, Ryan discovers he still has a lot to learn about life, including “squishy” viral videos and the on-going cuteness war between dogs and babies.

The Season two Blu-ray and DVD boast hilarious special features, including outrageous bloopers and deleted scenes, and a very special Wilfred/Ryan Mash-up.

For your chance to win a copy of WILFRED SEASON TWO on Blu-ray, simply answer the following question:

What does Ryan not get in Season two?

  • A new girlfriend

  • A real job

  • An inheritance

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You know the drill by now. Go comment on this post and you will be entered for a chance to win this gem from Fox. Totally free. Get in there, skipper, and make things happen. I’m rambling now. GO!





The contest was won by Kari at 9:15 PM. Thanks for the interest.

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  1. For those new to the series, Wilfred is story of Ryan Newman, a young man who has yet to figure out his correct path in life. He befriends his neighbors dog, Wilfred, who he sees as a gruff and unpleasant Australian man in a dog suit. Everyone else, including his owner, Jenna (Fiona Gubelmann). Ryan must battle personal demons and whatever Wilfred throws at him (sometimes literally). Is he trying to help him, or is he trying to ruin his life? The line that separates best friends and arch enemies is blurred and it’s not helped by Ryan’s nagging sister, Kristen (Dorian Brown) or his mother (Mary Steenburgen) who has her own issues, as seen last season.

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