Where’s My God Damned Shoe? Part 2

If you are looking for the first part of this production, click Where’s My God Damned Shoe

Well, we had better get the rest of these photos posted, before Gadget vows to double his intake for next year. You’ll see by the pics near the end, that that is not necessary. Because I’m posting these in chronological order, the more sober and tame ones were near the start. He hasn’t seen what’s to come yet, but I’m sure when he does, he’ll be one proud peacock.

On another note, I really think we should hire a photographer for these parties, because it’s pretty irresponsible to rely on the drunk people for photo remembering. Every once in awhile, I would see the camera and start shooting from the hip, but then there was a chance of seeing the Wicklow Bush, so I abandoned that plan. If anyone else got any good pics that are not too lurid, send ’em my way. I’ll throw them up on the page. I had to erase the good pic of the cake vodka donor, so if anyone has one, I’d love to out him.

Anyhow, back to the photos.

What the fuck would a hippy and a sub ref have to talk about? Maybe how much glaucoma medicine the ref needs.


I don’t know what she could be saying to cause that reaction.

Bunsen busting a motherfucking moooove

Fucking muppet groupies. They’re shameless

Shortly after this, Bunsen went Sean Penn on my ass, because of my camera work.

This completely ruined my whole twin fantasy thing. Oh, I still watched and encouraged, but I’m giving away my collection.

We may be on our way, but she hasn’t mentioned that I shouldn’t drink so many shooters yet. I don’t think. Well, yeah, she may have mentioned to start cutting back.

Here we are with a playful kitty. Sometimes when you play with a kitten too much…

They get ferocious. Rawrrrrrr

Damn, that’s a leggy broad. I am so happy that I got to call a woman a broad, finally.

Sometimes I get a little huggy when I’m drinking.

Mrs. B and The Cleave. Looking good, ladies.

Bad kitty! I mean, good kitty, gooood kitty.

Well, hello there, Buck. Now, we caught you red handed. It’s OK, I erased the ones of you hiding empties in the cupboards.

“When a girl walks in with an itty-bitty waist, and a round thing in your face, you get SPRUNG”

Fuck, I’m good with a camera.

She’s ready to headbutt someone.

Apparently we were getting ready for a modelling gig.

Fucking relax, Beaker, Bunsen’s having a nap. Meep meep yourself, asshole.

Ladyfights at the chicken wing pot.

“Psssst! I think I’ve had enough”

That wasn’t what I meant. Your tongues have to touch. All three of them.

I have no words

Rough? That’s the way your mother likes it, Trebek


“But Baby, I need to say goodbye to my friend”

It didn’t feel as awkward as it looked.

And then it was the next morning. Luckily my baby keeps the camera next to the bed. (wink wink) Yeah, I wish.

So that’s that. I’ll try to get the pics posted to the G+ page today sometime. This coming Saturday, we have the Halloween dance for the sports clubs. I’ll stay sober and be the driver for that, I think. I can’t drink like I used to, it’s now Wednesday, and I’m still not 100%. Well, I guess I can drink like I used to, I just can’t recover as well.

Well, I woke up Sunday morning, with no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt,


7 thoughts on “Where’s My God Damned Shoe? Part 2

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  2. I too behaved myself this year. ONly 3 shots of spiced rum before I hit the stage.

    It was kinda fun watching all the hangovers the next day.

  3. Wow! Ya, apparently i did have enough! Damn porch meetings with Mrs. B!
    Now i know why i’m growing my hair out! I’m bringin the ‘fro back to its glory! We were rockin out, thank buddha that we didn’t have anything else out!
    Thanks again to everyone that attended & especially the ones that were shit-canned when they left! They make hosting GRAND!

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