When You Find “The” Spot

You know the one I’m talking about. Don’t you? When worlds start coming together, and you see that look in your partner’s face. That look that says “All is right with the universe now. I am fulfilled.”

I saw that look the other day on Mrs. Birdman’s face, and it was awesome. She almost looked awestruck, which is a new look for her, because it takes a lot to impress her. I guess I should mention that we had a very excited, married friend with us for this little tryst. They don’t want their face or name in here for obvious reasons, so we had to be very careful with the camera. It was kind of sneaky, because they parked their vehicle in a grocery store parking lot and walked over, so as not to raise suspicions, and that added to the naughtiness. I’m pretty sure their spouse didn’t know about this at the time, even though I’m sure they do now. How could you not tell about something so fun, so new, so freeing?

I am telling anyone who will listen, because it was something I had never done before, but will definitely try it again if I get the chance. Yes, you guessed it.

We went for lunch at End Of The Thread in Brighton, Ontario.

From the moment we walked in, to the moment we got in the van to go home, we were marveling at all of the amazing things in there. We went in because Mrs. B had some friends bring her a sandwich from there one day, and she loved it. When our unnamed friend asked if we wanted to go to Brighton for lunch, we jumped at the opportunity. I didn’t know where we were going, but it doesn’t matter when you’re in the company of greatness. My sweet darling asked if we could go there, and we reluctantly said that we didn’t mind.(She was buying.)

This is what you’re looking for. No, not a short, fat guy in jogging pants and a hoody. The store.

The store is located at 15 Main St. in charming downtown Brighton. It’s right across from Sobeys, which is the only place around that you can get Vernors Ginger Ale in the area.

Here’s a view of the order counter. We placed our orders here. That’s what you do at an order counter.

I’ll take two bolts of calico, a sack of beans, and a couple of those sticks of horehound, Steve.

Steve is the co-owner of this emporium of mirth and wonder. He and his partner, Tracey have put this together with a mixture of genius, good cooking, and what seems to be ADD. I’ve never seen such an eclectic mix of “stuff” in one place.

These mostly look like antiques. Right?

These surely don’t, but how cool is this shit? It’s extremely cool.

Oh yeah, all of that moustache paraphernalia reminds me that Change The Topic is putting in a Movember TEAM this year. Yes, I have two MoBros and one MoSista helping to raise money and awareness for men’s cancers. I let my lady pick the ‘stache last year, and it was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. It looked like a squirrel’s dick on the bottom half of my upper lip. Gross.

For the love of all things masculine. Make it die.

This was Scooter’s “last year” pick. It is my “this year” pick. How utterly glorious is this?

We have a few openings for anyone that would like to join our team (Scotty P). Maybe you are on the fence about it because your lady is threatening to withhold the threesome if you grow a tiny beaver on your lip. Take it from me, brother; she was going to chicken out at the last minute, like she always does. Perhaps you were going to go solo, because you really want to raise awareness, but you have no friends because of your disgusting BO and ingrown facial hairs. You really want to fit in somewhere, anywhere. Well friend, we’re extremely friendly here at Change The Topic. Some might go so far as to call us “desperate”, but whatever, we’ll take what we can get, and we’re super fun to hang out with.

We will be having a “Shave Off” on Halloween night, and if you live around Colborne Ontario, we can all meet up and do it up right. (After trick or treating, of course.) Let us know if you’re in for it via the usual routes.

Anyhow, back to the regularly scheduled blog post.

There were tons of cool signs.

Other things that I can’t explain

Kari, does this seem  right?

We found a table near a beautiful piano desk and rustic looking harvest table, and that was where we decided to battle our lunch when they brought it over. The seating is probably the coolest part of the whole thing. Tables, benches, and chairs were scattered around the place, some were hidden away in nice private settings. It’s just an great setup.

Who wants gum? I do, I do.

They have lots of gum. We’ve only just touched on the veritable bounty.

I feel that I should mention their gluten-free choices, except that I don’t know what they are. I do know there are some, because there were signs and whatnot all about the place. I think there is stuff about it on their website or maybe on their Facebook page. If there isn’t, then I guess you’re on your own, pendejo.

Our friend had half a “Brighton” and chili. They loved it. A lot.

The “Jack”. Chicken and stuff with Jack Daniels sweet sauce. Mrs. B liked the sandwich itself, but didn’t love the sauce. I tried it, and loved it. I guess it’s just a matter of taste.

I had half a “Steakhouse” and cabbage soup. Both were fantastic. There is a horseradish sauce on it, but it’s mild.

It had a dollop of sour cream in it that just topped it all off. I’m such a sucker for homemade soup. Oh, and farting.

Real sody pop and cool tin buckets that your meal comes in.

That was the end of our adventure for the day, but I sneaked back in to grab a business card. I thought the quote on the back was very cool, so I thought I’d share it.

Pretty sweet, don’t you think?

Well, there’s all of the info. What the hell are you waiting for? Get down there and support some local entrepreneurs.

To sign off, I’ll just say that the ambience, service, and food was terrific, and I don’t ever remember enjoying a lunch that much, ever. I’m sad that the ice cream bar wasn’t open, but I’ll be around next summer. I actually think I’m going back today, and I’m also going to see my friends with another extremely cool store. They have what I’m told is a massive transformer robot, so I’m pretty excited to check that out. I’ll be sure to get photos of the interesting craziness that they come across in their travels. I haven’t seen them since last year, and I hope I get time for a good visit, because they are the kind of folks that you can’t help but miss.

Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces o-o-o-of the Decepticons,


13 thoughts on “When You Find “The” Spot

  1. Thanks for the tips on the eatery! I’ll have to check that out in my travels. I love to support local biz whenever possible.

    You had me going at the beginning of this post you crafty devil you!

    Lemme know the details for “The Team”. I already have a ‘stache. I guess that means it has to come off on Halloween? No worries, It’ll grow back overnight. Might I suggest a theme song for “The Team”:



    • Yep, we will be shaving off at the studio on Halloween night, or you can do it at home and not have fun, professional photos of the whole thing. We will need update photos regularly, and a pint of blood in a mason jar. It doesn’t have to be yours, but it does have to be human.

      Yes, sometime when you are down this way, we’ll go there for some lunch. Really good people and food.

      That song is awesome. Do we know how to get it as a music file, or will we use the video too. I thought we could make a video with all of our update pics along with the song.

  2. Never being here before you had me going a bit at the start, but I knew something was up. Looks like quite the place to eat, never have seen anything like it. Good luck battle the decepticons too.

  3. Ohoho, you got me. I thought for sure you were talking about an intense game of Charades.

    And I desperately want to participate in Movember, but my job requires that I be clean shaven (even though I work in a cubicle, out of the sight of everyone).

  4. That place looks awesome! I wish we had cool places like that around here. We actually probably do, but I don’t know how to find them. Do I Google “really cool places to eat and shop around me”?

    Anyway, I would join you in growing facial hair, but my work does not allow it 🙁

    • I’m not sure. We have all kinds of cool shops and restaurants around our area, but it’s usually word of mouth that gets people into them. When you and Sadie come up for a vacation next year, we’ll check some out.

      As for Movember, see how they like homemade teardrop tattoos for each day.

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