When Is It Okay?


Last night I finished my long day of Ingress and met some of the players for a bite to eat and a drink. While I was there, I heard a guy allude to wanting a certain sex act with our server.

Loud, and to the server. It made me feel a bit shocked and embarrassed.

That’s not cool, right? I mean flirting is one thing, but to loudly exclaim about what you would like them to do with their genitals is completely inappropriate.

Hint: These were mentioned.

Hint: These were mentioned.

I’m right, aren’t I? I like to always be right. It gives me a holier than thou feeling.

Now, does it make a difference if it’s two gay men?

I am legitimately asking a question, because I have seen it on several occasions, and I wonder if it’s a different protocol when it’s guy on guy.

Do you remember the time I shamelessly plugged an old post about flirting that reminded me of this?((That’s right now.))

There was another time that I was driving taxi, and a man with two drunk, middle aged women got in the cab. He started talking about getting me out of my shirt, and then reached up over the seat and started rubbing my chest. I grabbed his hand, twisting his wrist back and maybe making him squeal a bit. Partly because he startled me, but mostly because he was wildly inappropriate and invading my space.

Him and his cackling hens started calling me a hillbilly gay basher, and a piece of shit homophobe, and when I tried to explain that it would be no different than if they were driving and some dude that they don’t find attractive did that to them, there would be charges laid, but the one chick said that there was no way she would ever stoop so low as to be a cab driver. Anyhow, they wouldn’t shut up or listen, so I kicked their drunk asses out on the curb.

Luckily for them, it was pretty close to a bar, so it was kind of a bonus. Free cab ride, and they got their excitement for the night. I should have had my wits about me and drove them to Precious Corners or something.  At least then I would have got a little satisfaction from the deal.

I’m not painting gay men with the same brush((unless they’re into it and there’s a cool sawbuck in it for me)), because the overbearing, lecherous ones are a very small percentage. I just find it odd that people don’t seem to be as offended when a man openly does something to another man that may or may not be welcome. For all I know, it’s a globally accepted practice, and I’m crazy to think that the same courtesies should be offered to everyone, no matter who they are.((Excluding the Welsh, of course))

So what are your thoughts on it? If you are gay, would this offend you, or would it be a thing where it depends on the circumstances? If you are straight, please go out and do some field research for me. Remember to take precautions for your safety.((mainly condoms, a panic button, and some lube))


6 thoughts on “When Is It Okay?

  1. It doesn’t really shock me. If someone who appears to understand social protocal, is wildly inappropriate in public, I think they know exactly what they are doing and fully intend to shock and offend. The target of the comment is free to reply, throatpunch, or ignore. I’m working on my delicate sensibilities, because I see that I am only giving assholes the reaction they love and await. Fuck you, Mouthy McAsshole.

  2. It is never OK. Never. It is a form of rape. The server probably couldn’t say anything because they were at work. Which is sad. I have heard men and women cat call like that. I always say something to that person. Even if it is just a “Not cool dude.” No one deserves to be treated that amount of dis respect.

  3. I don’t think there’s any difference. You have to give gay men the same respect as straight women. But I do notice gay men are flirtier than straight women, in my experience. I do find gay men to be very approachable, more so than straight women. Why? Not altogether sure. Maybe it has to do with the fact that there’s no pressure for me to pick them up cause I’m straight.

    • Yeah, I’m beginning to think that it’s sort of more accepted. Just the overt flirting, not the public fondling. Although, I guess that would depend on who’s involved.

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