What to do, what to do?

I have a couple of choices to make this week concerning jobs. I was hoping that all of you could shed some light on the right choice to make. I know that you can’t answer for me, but it’s always nice to have a little input to help the thought process along. I know the way I think, and it’s basically different than anyone else, so it’s good to get a sideways perspective on things. Just to be able to see things from all points of view.

The first one is a menial position of breaking down shipments, then compiling and shipping the orders out. The plus side is that I’m home for every meal of the week, and I’m off from Friday to Monday. It would also mean that I would have time to keep doing the blog, and pursue writing, in case that ever goes anywhere. It is also very close to home, so I could bike or walk to work, and I’d be around for all of the girl’s soccer games on Thursday nights, and could maybe get in on the Wednesday night ball league. The job is also more physical, so I’ll be getting a bit of a workout at work; a little exercise never hurt anyone, right? Being off on Mondays is cool too, because Mrs. Birdman works most Saturdays during the wedding season, and it would give us Sunday and Monday off to go to the cabin for a couple of days. It also means that I’ll be around to look after the girls when she’s working, thus saving babysitter fees and whatnot. Maybe we could even get on a regular eating schedule as well. Wouldn’t that be a treat? I suppose it would also leave time to keep my eyes open for a better job to come up. Either within the company, or somewhere else. That’s also something to consider.

I guess working in a warehouse would suck when it's nice out, but not in the winter.

The down side is undoubtedly the pay, or lack thereof. It’s only twenty four hours a week, and not very much per hour when you are there. It just pays enough to survive, so there will be no extra cash laying around for fun things, unless I can pick up the odd writing job.

The other job is full-time trucking to the US, and would be a considerable boost in revenue, but would mean working every other weekend, and most of every week. The problem with these jobs is that even when you are home, you are probably just catching up on sleep, and maybe getting the odd cocoon session in. The plus side is obviously the money, and a feeling like I’m contributing to the family’s financial well being. Some other pros are obviously the lot lizards, and being able to afford them, duty-free booze, and most likely a few STIs. They also may be able to tailor something that would suit me better; such as, maybe a rotation that could have me going out every other week, or something where I could get home more regularly. The money isn’t as good as working out west, but you also don’t have any travel expenses, and you know you won’t be gone for more than a week at a time. There are other benefits to the job, like benefits, and they have a rider policy. That means that Mrs. B and the girls could go for a little toot with me, if they were so inclined. A lot of their freight goes to North Carolina, and she just happens to have a couple of friends that live there. That would mean that I could drop them off there, and come back in a few days to get them. The duty-free booze would work out well with the wedding fast approaching, not to mention the paycheques.


I'm just showing you the camo truck, so you know what kind of assholes I'd be working with.

The disadvantages of this job are going to be dodging scales, and the law in general, sporadic work schedules, and not much time for blogging. That is assuming that you already realize the lack of home time and nightly makeout sessions in the kitchen. You get virtually no physical exercise, unless you count turning the wheel and wiggling the stick. I don’t count that as very much at all. I guess I’d be getting a lot more masturbation time though, so there’s that.

The downside mostly revolves around me not being here very much, and that’s probably what I’ll base my decision on. I’ll talk to the girls about it on the way to school in the morning, probably while you are reading this. I’ll let you know what we come up with as a family.

Roll on highway, roll on along, roll on Daddy til you get back home,


14 thoughts on “What to do, what to do?

  1. Brother, follow your heart. Financial sense is good when it comes to investments and planning for your financial future (plug, plug), but not when it comes to your employment. If you have the support of Mrs. B, and I think you do, follow your heart and your dreams. It took me 44 years to finally find what I really wanted to do. If you can wake up in the morning and be thinking postively about your day, then you’ve found it. If you have to drag your ass out of bed and then into work, you’ve missed your calling. It’s alway better to try and fail than to have never tried at all and spend the rest of your life wondering: what if?

    • Life is short, kids grow up too fast, stay home any enjoy them, the warehouse job could end up giving more hours, you never know. Give writing a real chance, trucking jobs are always out there

      • 10-4 on the trucking jobs. I always forget that I can have one when I want. Thanks for the input. When are you out of that mud pit they call the Core road? Well, I guess it wouldn’t be bad where you are, huh?

    • Right you are Scotty boy, and you’re always full of philosophical wisdom, which is nice to see. I’m glad you got out of that dirty hole when you did. I didn’t know you then, but I know a lot of others in that soul sucking place, and it’s sure not good for the morale.

  2. I have to agree with the other comments. I know a man whose motto is “The one who dies with the most toys wins” and he spends all of his time running boom truck everywhere but home. His wife is virtually a single mother to their daughter. Financial independence is great, but it shouldn’t have to come at the cost of your personal relationships. You never know what the road ahead brings and that less than perfect job may lead you down a different path than you expected. You may not be able to take those tropical vacations every year or have the latest model vehicle but at least you will have spent time with the ones that you love and that is always a positive on the “Life balance sheet”.

    • Thank you for the wise words, and also for reading and providing feedback. Luckily I’ve never owned a new vehicle, so I haven’t gotten used to the luxury.

  3. Trucking to North Carolina!!!!!!!!

    Ok, you expected that from me right?!

    Tough decision you’ve got to make … good luck 🙂

  4. From the way you wrote this post, I kinda get the feeling that you are leaning towards the shipping job.

    You should definitely do what you want to do, and I must say that this job seems like the better choice. There are so many things you can do during the time off in order to try to gain some supplemental income, but more importantly there are things you can do with your family and to enjoy life.

    My buddy’s dad is a full-time trucker and I know that it can sometimes be tough for him and for the family. That being, said, they make it work. But I could see myself being able to do something like that as a short-term thing because I would get burnt out after just a few months.

    Go with your <3 on this one, kind sir.

    • You are wise beyond your years Good Youngman. I’ve already done the years on the highway, and you are right, it gets to you, but it also gives you time to think, and imagine all the honking and waving you could do.

      • I guess I have missed the posts about your years on the road.

        It might be nice to honk and wave all the time, but when it comes down to it, I just don’t have the patience for long rides, and would eventually fall victim to burnout, as I said before.

        • I don’t think I’ve really told any stories about being on the road. Maybe that’ll be my next project, because there were some weird and interesting stories. Nothing long or exciting, but a few scares and oddities.

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