Well, looks like it’s unanimous (and other little nuggets)

Well, after a talk with Mrs. Birdman, the girls, and taking the comments and my own feelings into account, it looks like I’ll be trying for the shipping job. I hope I get it, especially after all this nonsense. Mrs. Birdman said it best, when she said,

“If you get killed in an accident somewhere in the States, benfits aren’t really going to matter to us, are they?”

She then followed that up with some other shit, but I was too busy swelling up with pride and wondering how I could ever have found a better partner for me, to listen to her babbling. I then asked the girls what they thought, and they figured it would be better if I worked three days a week, and I didn’t bother pressing the pros and cons of the argument because I was a pretty happy dude right there. Yeah, I know, fucking sue me. So I might have had a weak moment, where the fact that they wanted me around more may have clouded my judgement, but what would you have done? I guess if you had no soul, that wouldn’t have affected you, you heartless bastard.

After that, I came home to find some comments and whatnot floating around in cyberspace, and they all (except for Aimee *grrrr*) pretty much summed up the way we all feel. (Which is to not go away and get killed in an horrific crash) That being said, I have decided to go for the local job, to see where that goes. The only thing that would suck now, is to not get it. Well, good thing I haven’t said no to the other one yet.

Now for the latest highlights of things that people searched for in the Google to bring them here.

I seriously wish that there weren’t so many boners in these search terms, and the reason Inga Belge got to be in here is because in three instances, she showed up under different types of erections. I’m not going to speculate, and I’m in no way defaming Inga B. I’m just in awe that she’s the only local personality that gets searched here, and it seems weird that this is where she shows up in the natural order.

banana hammock 14
is birdman married 5
facebook asshole 4
nude site:changethetopic.com 3
weird party 3
bananahammock 3
trackpants boner 2
track pants penis 2
high school wrestling boners 2
weird parties 2
“whores hang out” toronto 2
hamstring of horses 2
naked site:changethetopic.com 2
wtf family party 2
hot naked guys 2
underwear hardon 2
creepy party 2
hot naked men 2
penis hardon 2
banana hammock for men for sale 2
wwe boner 2
inga belge the breeze 2
large breast nipple piercings 2
lap dancers that don’t shed 1
truck stop saskatoon lot lizard 1
birdmans den of iniquity 1
peepee poohpooh 1
banana hammik 1
family fuck party 1
manscaping royal oak mi 1
smell like strippers 1
armenian boner 1
dads nipple piercing 1
nipplepiercing man 1
shit freak 1
who is birdman married to 1
man’s penis tasted bitter 1
i think i cry too much, i’m a man 1
what truck stop in saskatoon are their lot lizards 1
spitting bitches 1
“unwashed crotch” 1
taking a bromance too far 1
stripper getting beaten 1
boner tent 1
wrestling boner 1
boner sticking out of fly 1
sweatpants boy boner 1
underwear boner 1
boys boner 1
boner in track bottoms 1
what do birdman bang 1
boner sticking out of pants 1
big penis boner 1
anybody had sex with the birdman 1
boner pants awesome 1
mens banana hammocks 1
gays hugging 1
hamstrung their horses 1
the stripper 1
do birdman have wife 1
twink gay 1
hilarious gay pictures 1
boner in running tights 1
“inga belge” “the breeze” 1
hamstringing pictures 1
shenaniganesque 1
wwf boners 1
sweatpant hardon 1
inga belge 1

I guess it’s cool, if he always pays the rent, and he doesn’t get all bent, about sleeping on the couch when I’m there,


9 thoughts on “Well, looks like it’s unanimous (and other little nuggets)

  1. Oh man, all those search terms made me feel really, really dirty.

    I agree that this is the right choice, and it is good to hear that you came to this decision while taking “your own feelings into account.”

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