We made it… again

Well, I’m here in Aaron and Lannie’s spare room again, and trying to write a post after a long couple of days, and a few really good visits. I got to see one of my favourites, Kimmy K, on my way through town, and Chin got to meet her too, so that was cool. I got to see Maizey (sp?), the kitty that I found in a snowbank when I lived in Charlie Lake. We lived in this dumpy trailer, in a piece of shit trailer park, that made Sunnyvale look like a gated community in somewhere that has fancy, gated communities. My GF at the time, had a Great Dane, two cats, and a rat, so needless to say, nobody would rent to us. She informed me that she was coming out after Christmas, and I didn’t have time to do much, because I was working in camp up until I was leaving to go home for the holidays. I had to go out one night and look at the POS trailer, and the guy told me that the previous tenant had stolen the lightbulbs, so I couldn’t really take a look at it. First warning flag. Although I could kind of tell that it was a shitty rat’s nest, I also didn’t have many choices because of the animals. I signed the papers, and flew back to Ontario, rented a flatbed car trailer, and proceeded to haul her and the dog in the truck, and the cats and the rat in her car behind us. Because it was January and -25C, we had to leave the car running the whole way out, and only got reprimanded by the OPP in Dryden once, for cruelty to animals. After I explained that it was running with the heat on, she allowed us to leave.

Anyhow, I got a little off topic there. I found a kitten in the snow in this dirty little trailer park, and took it home and let it stay in the porch while we tried to figure out what to do with it. Along comes Kimmy to the rescue. She took that cute, little, crazy coloured cat home and fell in love with it. What happened next may seem funny to you, but it wasnt at the time. When Kim took the kitty to the vet for spaying, and shots etc… The vet showed Maisey under a light that illuminated ringworm. It turns out that Maizey was completely full of that shit. We all had it, including the cats, Kim got lucky, but her ex managed to get it; we suspect it was from kissing the cat on the lips… a lot. We moved from there that summer, bought a place in Taylor, and the rest is history.

I went to have a visit with John and Leona, but he was working, so I had to track him down at Kiwi’s house. Kiwi, Jimmy and I all lived together when I first moved out here, and I’ll always have good memories of living in Compton. Hanging with Andie, Miranda, Jimmy, Kiwi, Joe, Terry and Marie were some of the funnest times ever, and it’s only because everyone of them are such good people. I remember Terry coming over in the middle of the day with a pickle jar for some “clean piss”, because Joe had just got called for a random drug test, and there was no way he was passing it. That was also the year I started hanging out with Aaron, and working for Tracker. I remember realizing the difference in how things were worded between eastern and western Canada; like in the west, it’s not unusual to hear someone say “he fingered me at the bar”, and it means he flipped me the bird. Totally not what it means in the east. I remember Miranda was yelling out at my window one night that I wouldn’t stop fingering her, and someone yelled “Good for you!”. Another bad one was when a guy went in the ditch in his loaded water truck, and I heard another guy get on the radio and say “I’m going to come down there and suck you off, and dump your load on the road. It’s just in how you hear things.

I’m glad to be back at Aaron’s place, partly because I love watching him interact with his sons. It seems almost effortless for him to deal with those boys, and I believe it’s because he was born to be a dad. I love to hear him read them a story before bed; how he doesn’t ever cheat them by not making whatever sound effect is in the book. The calm, playful way that he talks to them after bathtime, supper, or when he gets home from work. I am so glad that he’s working close to home now, and gets to see them every day, instead of every month like it used to be. A good dad like that should always be around for his kids, especially when the are at the question asking stage, because there are just some things that moms don’t know, like how to spot a girl with no bra, and how much force do you need to crush a man’s femur?

I’m rambling and dozing off now, so I’m going to cut it short, and get the fuck to sleep. Treat each other with love and kindness, and you will be doing yourself a favour.

They came boundin’ through the backdoor in the middle of a song. They got me for possession for something that was gone, long gone,


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  1. I’m glad you and Chin made it safely. I was a little worried because of the freezing rain we’ve had.

    Pinch Chin on the butt for me.

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