We Had A Good Day


It’s amazing how starting your morning off right can make or break your spirit for the day.

Take this morning for instance.

I woke up, for the fourth time, at 5:25 AM. Precisely five minutes before my alarm was set to go off. I drank a few gulps of water and went to the washroom…for the fourth time. After doing all of the things that I do to get ready for my day, I went out, fired up the truck and back in for breakfast.

I went up to get my usual sausage, bacon, and eggs from the girls in the kitchen, but I noticed a pan of stuffed, roasted tomatoes.

“Those tomatoes look delicious. What are they stuffed with?” (please don’t be wheat, please don’t be wheat)

“Shredded bacon and Parmesan cheese. I normally would put bread crumbs in, but I remembered that you don’t eat wheat.”

After bowing to her magnificence and taking two tomatoes and a scoop of baked beans, I went and sat with Randy. I was so excited, I just started hacking into the first one, and then I tasted it.

Oh glory be to the gods on high. It was fantastic.

I gobbled up what was left and then packed up my lunch that the night guys made for me. It was ribs and chicken stir fry, so I grabbed a bunch of fruit and some yogourt to go with it. I then buggered off for work while talking to Mrs. Birdman until service ran out. (Yes I used hands free.)

Around mid morning, the sun came out with a vengeance. It was as if it needed to start spring, and it had to be now.


I had first coffee and lifted my dump box in the air to see if the sun would warm it up enough to free the mass of frozen dirt that was stuck in the front.

It didn’t, but that was okay. I got to sit in the sunshine and just chill out for fifteen minutes. I shut my eyes and just let the warmth soak in.

It reminded me of the time that Mrs. B and I had our epic date. It ended at around nine on a Sunday morning with us having breakfast sandwiches and coffee in a lifeguard tower at the beach and then laying in the cold sand while the hot sun washed over us. It was such a fun time, but I can’t go into detail about the night leading up until then.

Just know that it was magical, even if I did pass out.


So around came lunchtime and I again lifted the box in the sun and ate my lunch. Everything felt really good, even though I’m stuck in the bush with a bunch of truck drivers.

After I ate, I went and slammed the tailgate a few times and down slid the two ton dirt brick. Success was mine.

The rest of the day went fast and then I headed back to a nice supper of barbecued chicken, salads, and a chat with one of the other drivers.

It turns out that everyone had a nice day. Even the guy who never has a good day. I was pretty impressed with myself.

Hey, you would be too if you knew that everyone around you had a great day, just because you had a fabulous breakfast.

You like tomato and I like tomahto,


2 thoughts on “We Had A Good Day

  1. I love those feel good days outside, with an enjoyable work detail for the day. I can relate to the frozen dirt brick, or in my case, the wood chip brick. The question is always the same-why didn’t I dump the box the night before?

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