Valentines Day, or The Day The Men All Barfed





Yes, it’s true. Today has been a bit of a mixed bag for the fellas. They all crossed one glorious item off their bucket lists: Deep Sea Fishing. Unfortunately for 2/3’s of them, the adventure turned nauseous when they found they became quite seasick in a boat 10 miles off shore, with swells 25 feet high. Who knew? Of course, Birdman alone was able to carry on and fight the good fight, landing a beautiful fish, the type of which I do not know because I am a lady, and I care not about such things.

He also managed to drink all the beer on the boat, which meant a very early afternoon nap, and a later afternoon session of ‘Empty The Contents of Your Stomach’. Sooo not fun.

Soldier down! Let the Sharpie mustache-ing commence...

I am happy to report that after 4 hours of sleep, 3 bouts of vomitting, 2 extra-strength Advil, and 1 Gravol, he was able to join me for a lovely Valentines Day (henceforth known as VD) dinner at our favorite a la carte.  I do realize that VD is a made-up holiday, used to manipulate people into buying cards and trinkets for their loved ones, but I still enjoyed spending it with him, and two of my favorite couples.  I am lucky enough to have a love that treats every day like VD, and I can’t imagine a day would go by where I wouldn’t know exactly how much he loves and cherishes me in his life.


Celebrating VD. Who doesn't celebrate that shit?

After VD dinner, we hit the discotheque for a while to soak up the young folks and their new dance moves.  We realized that some things never change, and that most people are still extremely shitty dancers when drunk and around loud dance music.  Just because it feels good, doesn’t mean it’s pretty, kids.

Baby I got sick this morning, a sea was storming inside of me,


Mrs. Birdman




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