Time To Refocus

This has been coming for a little while now. I was hoping the feeling would pass, but it really hasn’t so I guess it’s time to act on my instincts.

I’m powering down my alt accounts.

I really don’t have the time to fuck around with my main account so how am I supposed to look after four of them.

To clarify. this is my main account and I used @granolalight to do non-swearing, homesteading related posts. I barely showed up on that one, but I’m keeping 5 SP on it in case the urge hits me.

@reactionaries was my wife’s account that she has relinquished to me after having had enough of Steemit and @fromthebeginning was an account that a friend just left to me when things went south for him. I basically just set them to autovote friends and collect a bit of curation but it was less than a cent a week on average so what’s the actual point to that?

So I set the three of them to power down and I will move whatever is in them to this account and then figure out what I’ll do with it. I imagine I’ll just lease out my tiny amount of SP and sit on my laurels but who really knows? I can’t lie and say that I’m not disheartened and a bit depressed when it comes to Steemit.

Posting, I mean.

Winter is on its way and I am switching to winter shift next week. That means shorter days (if it’s not snowing) but more days per week. I know from last winter that I am not going to have the time, or will, to sit down and write out stories each week, especially when you spend hours doing it when you should be doing more productive work. If it produced some actual physical benefit to my life, I wouldn’t even balk at it, but I feel like it’s stressing me out more.

Add to the mix that I probably average about $5 a post and it doesn’t really seem worth it. It may not look like it but I spend several hours on a post and while I am not here for the money, obviously, there are really not many other rewards, when you actually think about it.

Sure, I know you are all vibrating right now and yelling “COMMUNITY!” at the screen but I didn’t say I wasn’t going to be involved, I am just going to take a break from posting here. I am still going to be judging what I can for Comedy Open Mic and helping behind the scenes there, and I hope I can still hang out with @shadowspub the odd time I’m able to catch a show on the Steemit Ramble discord.

When I’m not plowing or sanding.

I also like cuddling up with my wife and dreaming of our trip down to see @buttcoins this February.

(Why do they put that first “r” in there? I have never heard someone pronounce it Feb-ru-ary. Have you? Maybe I will start enunciating better and fucking everyone else up.)

Yeah, we are planning a trip to Lake Atitlan to scout out possible homesteading sites. That’s another reason I need to buckle down and do more productive things with my time. The longer I piss around, the longer it’s going to be to get out of the rat race and into a more meaningful existence.

If I can pick up extra hours this winter I am going to grab whatever I can. I’m also going to focus more on growing indoors. We got some new lights and want to learn as much as we can about efficiently growing things inside. We hope to one day branch into aquaponics as well, so it’s kind of important for our future to figure this stuff out.

I also need the vitamin D the grow lights give me. It’s like being surrounded by sunshine. I’m going to sprout a few kush seeds and see if I can grow a few decent plants over the winter. Between that and the herbs and veggies, I should get to spend quite a bit of time in there getting my sun on. I’ve pulled my worm bin in there as well, so I can just sift out castings and get a jump on the spring while listening to gardening podcasts and dreaming of a better life.

It’s not that we don’t have a great life; we do. It can always be better though. Simpler. More in tune with nature and less in tune with the nature of our society. I know that we are feeling it but the kids are not. This is the life they know. The life their friends live.

I only hope they figure it out before they are in their forties like we did.

I guess I figured it out a lot earlier but I had this albatross around my neck that was holding me back. I also made a lot of poor choices when it comes to money companions almost everything.


I’m just going to be laying low for a bit. I may post some stuff through the whaleshares cross posting tool, so if it works, something might pop up here. It won’t be much though. Not that it ever was.

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