Something on a Sunday

All right, I’m not giving you any real post today, it’s more of a piss and moan.

We got this question for Therapy Thursdays and the fun police put the kibosh on it, so I thought I would put it in as an aside, mainly because I have nothing for this post, but mostly to plead to you people to help us out here. This is the only question we have, and it’s horrible. I’m afraid that we will have to steal a Dear Abby or something. I guess the fact is, that not only do you have no problems, you lack the enthusiasm to make a problem up. We aren’t picky over here, I just need something to do, and Mrs. Birdman needs something to disagree with me about. Her day isn’t complete until she has scolded me for something, and seeing as I’m almost perfect, this is all we have.

Anyhow, here’s the question from someone we won’t name, because we know the locals are a rough lot, and we fear for his safety. It may be true that the Big Apple Gang has been forced into hiding since they murdered the cobbler, and those three pears were found in the shallow grave in Brighton, but the members are still around and they are a bunch of rotters.

Dear Bird,

Where can I find the best whores of Colbourne? Do they hang out at the big apple?


Seriously, this is what we have to work with. I’m actually a little embarrassed for us, not because of the question, or the poor spelling and grammar, but because this friend of ours could be so ignorant and stupid. Everybody knows that the best whores hang out at the laundromat,but not the well lit one, the one by the dollar store.

Hit up the graphic above for the email, or go to the Harass Us page in that title bar thingy, or I’m sure we’ll be answering this simple bastard’s questions every week.

Keep the rock alive,


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