The whirlwind

So we made it to Hudson’s Hope in one piece, well two pieces if you want to get technical about it, and went to Lannie and Aaron’s (reference #1,   #2 and #3 ). We sat up until pretty late, and then Chin and I got up early and hit the road for FSJ, and the promise of a new life. We checked to see what we needed for safety tickets. Chin lucked out and was able to transfer his first aid ticket from Ontario to BC, and get his PST and TDG finished. To repay these ladies for their kindness, he completely annihilated their toilet with four days worth of pent up rage. The sheer magnitude was so great that he had to text me the details. I have to go there in the morning to try and wrangle a seat in the First Aid course, and they know I’m associated with him. I guess there’s a chance that they will refuse me service, or charge a fumigation fee on top of the $150 to take the course. I went and hung out at Johnny’s house with his family, and went back to the shop to get my credentials evaluated. I realized then that my level one ticket had expired in April. Shit. I thought I was good to go, or I would have got it in Cobourg. Ah well, hopefully have it tomorrow, and Chin will get his H2S on Wednesday, and we will rock and roll.

Tickle this, bitch.

I don’t have a lot of time, because so I’ll keep this part short and sweet. Chin ate a Tim Horton’s lasagna and said the noodles were good, but it tasted like Chef Boyardee. We went to the mall and bought two dollar slippers, safety glasses, a toothbrush and some ladies flip flops from Ardene, so we don’t get any fungus in the camp showers. They were three pairs for ten dollars and Mrs. Birdman gets the girly pair if she wants them. We drove out to Hudson’s Hope in the dark, and I showed Chin around the town. Back at Aaron’s we had a shower, I read Keegers an Elmo book, shot the shit, and I wrote this blog. Goodnight everybody.

Come on people now, smile on your brother,


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