The stripper, a pictorial Pt.II

When we left off, the four of us: Scooter (S), Juice (J), Frenchy (F) and I (B) had drank a shot of bear piss, and Frenchy had run off somewhere. We were all feeling a little weird and crazy at having just consumed the strange liquid, so what happened next was sort of par for the course.

If you’re feeling a little lost, you should check out The stripper, a pictorial, before you go on. I’m going to quit yammering here and just get to posting photos.


(B) You know what? I'd really like to bang a hobbit.

(S) Wait a minute. (F) You mean a girl hobbit, or a boy hobbit?

(J) If you mean that little hotty that Sam married at the end? Oh hell yeah!

(S) Yeah, she was okay, but they're a little small for me. (F) Are there girl leprechauns?

(S) If I had to choose what mythical being I'd bone, it would have to be Medusa from behind.

(S) Haha, I'm just fuckin' with you guys. It would be a mermaid, fo sho!

(F) I'd like to lick a whale's blow hole. Like this.

(F) I think I'm a little fucked up. I wish I'd bought more of that bear piss.

(F) Why do I get three captions in a row? Oh yeah, cause everyone else is smiling too much.

(in unison) Get every last drop.

(J) Where is the floor going? (S) Let me touch your shirt.

(B) Why are you thumbing my nipple? (F)I can see right down Juice's beautiful shirt

(S) Sorry, my bad (B) Yeah, I guess it is, douche. Don't touch me again.

(S) Oh yeah? (B) HEY! (F) I have a feeling that things are going to get out of hand.

(J) This shit is getting crazy, yo.

(J) I'm wigging out. I hope that by holding my hands together will make it not so obvious

(B) Really Frenchy? You need pants that tight? Wait, weren't you wearing a suit earlier?


(S) I hope that stripper shows up soon. I'm having mixed emotions about pushing my best friend a few frames back. The mouthy prick deserved it, but still...


(G) Hello boys!!!

(J) What kind of peeler has a soul patch???

(G) It is I, Gadgetina. I am your entertainment for the evening. You like?

(B) Buddy, why are you talking like a Russian lady? I do like that outfit though.


Yeah, I know, but I didn’t realize we had so many pictures. Don’t worry, There will be more on Monday.

And another ones gone, and another ones gone, another one bites the dust,


P.S. You still want more? What are you, an idiot? Okay, it’s right here The stripper, a pictorial Pt.III

5 thoughts on “The stripper, a pictorial Pt.II

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  2. Did Frenchy change out of the suit because he had sharted in it? Man, I seem to be fixated on Frenchy and his shart since I mentioned that in my comment on part 1. What is wrong with me?

    • Frenchy is an enigma, and it was probably a shart, because he was gone for five minutes, and then *poof* new tight pants, and the suit is nowhere to be found.

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