The pool

Yesterday was spent at the pool and the Mexican restaurant. Gadget did not shit in the pool this time, but he did almost make me shit in it. That was when he came flying, ass-first off of the roof of the pool bar. I think one of the people that were coming out of the bar did shit themselves, because a bunch of dark floaties was following their party. I looked up to see his legs flipping over the railing, and I figured he was joking, but then I saw the launch. I’m not ashamed to say that I quickly turned away in anticipation of the security guards whisking him, and anyone associated with him away for the duration of our trip.

That was not the case in this instance. I imagine when the tsunami dissipated that they were looking around for an 18-22 year old drunken kid, but instead found a bunch of middle-aged souses losing their minds laughing in the pool.  Old farts: 1, Young Bucks: 0.   Way to make us proud, Gadget!

My lady got friendly with Felipe the bartender who was serving up a boozy concoction he labelled: “The Lady Especiale”.  The ladies were enjoying the drink so very much that they drank through lunch, and afternoon snack, straight through till dinner time.  This was only problematic on the walk back to the room, when she announced to everyone who walked by that she had ‘NEVER BEEN THIS DRUNK EVER!!!” As I was brushing the grass off of her back and side from one of her little tumbles off of the path, I tried to think back to a time where I had seen her that drunk, but just couldn’t. She may actually be telling the truth this time. I got us up the three flights of stairs, and while I was unlocking the door to our room, this is what I turned around to find.

That’s Penny on the right. Can you guess who’s on the left? This is right before a bat got them.

So that was a treat, trying to get those two back to the rooms, and as I start taking pics with the closest phone, I turn around to see this.

I’m not even going to try explaining this

I should also warn you that if you leave your waterproof camera with me at the swim up bar, you deserve whatever photos that you get; especially if they are perfectly focused and don’t show the head. On that same note, I’m kind of glad that we don’t have a card reader or a cable for that camera here.

We made quite a few new friends in the pool, and some that have a trailer down the road from where we live. #110 to be precise. That’s just so we don’t forget the number, because Penny wants to go and visit. I guess we probably all would go, because we share a common bond with them. We all saw a picture of my junk. That is enough to cement people together for life; mostly because we had to drink a huge amount of liquor to get the photo out of our minds. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is: Yes, I know it’s mine, but since putting on the weight, it’s been a while since I’ve seen it, and I don’t remember it being so purple.

We made it just in time for the best meal of the trip so far. We had reservations at the Mexican restaurant, and it was excellent. Great taco bar, followed by a beef tenderloin dinner that melted in my mouth. I think Beaner and Penny had fajitas, but everyone else went with the beef. Mmmmmmm, it was truly an excellent meal, that left us all satisfied and ready to hit up the outdoor theatre. We all grabbed a drink and a table to take in the nightly entertainment from, and were so happy to see it was a children’s fashion show. I think we were alright with it until the announcer told the eight year old girl to walk really sexy, and then almost growled “Reeeealy sexy” again. Come on dude, you are like 40, smarten up.

I looked across the table to Mrs. Birdman, and noticed that her eyes were closed, and her head was nodding. Not a good sign at all. I woke her up, and took her to the room, where I would let her sleep a bit before putting the moves on her. I think they worked on the third attempt. Hey, what the hell? It’s better than not trying.

Choo choo choo loo choo choo,


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  1. I was soo waiting for some pics like these!! Too funny… I sure do hope Gadget will wear that on a camping trip this summer!!!

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