The New AD?

As some of you might know, I don’t mind whoring myself out to brands if there is a benefit for me. This case is no different, except that my whoring nets you some shit, which in turn nets me some shit, in the form of potentially more readers that want to win something.

What the fuck are you talking about, Birdman? Did you finally get that endorsement deal from Eros Silicone Lubricant?

Nope, this is better. Well, better, because I don’t think any of you want lube after I’ve used it, but you may want movies and seasons of TV shows.

Yep, 20th Century Fox Canada has allowed me to review some of their titles that are being released in Canada, and I was all over the opportunity. I don’t get paid, mind you, but I get to do something I love and miss, and always seem too busy to make the time for it. That is watching movies, and the occasional TV show. I also get to give away the aforementioned cinematic gems to my readers after I have reviewed them. This I will do by picking a random commenter at the end of the day that the review posts. That day is today.

That’s correct, I have just finished Season 3 of Modern Family on BluRay. I probably should have watched season 1 and 2 first, but even though I didn’t, I loved this show.

Seriously smart comedy.

Arrested Development is one of the best shows to ever be put on network television with The Office coming in close behind, so it was really cool to watch a show that was shot along the same lines. This show totally blew me away with it’s writing, timing, over-the-top stereotyping, and acting. The single camera shooting style was a big turn on for me as well.

While all of that was great, the best part is the family dynamic. I love the character of Phil, probably because he’s a lot like me in his goofiness, and his easy-going nature. You can’t help but love that guy, just like you can’t help but love me. Right? Then you have Claire, who’s so smoking hot it makes my knees buckle. I think it’s her trait of always being the butt of her family’s jokes, but still trying to prove her point that turns me on so much. Whatever it is, seeing her in her sweats…mmmmmmmm. The kids are the kids. They’re there, and they’re funny and well acted, but they don’t stand out to me. The ones I like are Manny and Lily, but I keep expecting Lily to say “Onyong”

Cam’s sheer fabulousness is worth tuning in for. I’ve never seen anyone enjoy such ceremony for the simplest things, but I love it. Mitchell’s a bit of a twat, but I guess that’s point, you need to have a straight man(so to speak), but in this show they all seem to be related by blood. The in-laws are the crazy, free-spirited ones, and Jay and his kids are the serious, straight and narrow sticks in the mud. I do love Ed O’Neill in his portrayal of Jay, the patriarch of this motley assortment, alongside his spunky, much younger wife Gloria (Sofia Vergara). I get a big kick out of Gloria, and how she overtly threatens to get her way. I also enjoy her dark, manipulative side, and how Manny is learning her nuances on his own.

Anyhow, all in all this is a funny, intelligently written show, that while not entirely original, is well worth tuning in to. I mean if you’re going to mold ideas into your own, you might as well use ideas from the best of the lot. Am I right, or am I right?

Just let me state for the record, we’re giving love in a family dose,


Oh yeah, it seems that J-Roc is going to keep taunting us while slowly beating E down, mentally and emotionally. We have received two more photos over the last couple of days.

In this photo from Oct. 3/12, you can clearly see the terror as he’s flopped around in a swing. He suffers from vertigo, you heartless bastards.

This is from yesterday. You can see that he’s starting to become enamoured with his Amazonian captor.

Please keep a lookout for E. We’re afraid that he will be lost for good. Like the chick from The Searchers, only with no John Wayne. I’ve been told that in addition to season tickets and a good drunk, we are authorized to add one beer ticket from the ball banquet. That should tip the scales.

5 thoughts on “The New AD?

  1. Is this the one with the gay couple trying to adopt a baby or have a baby?

    Either way, I have heard that the show is pretty fuuny. Ed O’Neil is always good for a laugh.

  2. I only watched the first two seasons of Modern Family so far, but I was always in awe of how they were able to be funny and also tug at the heartstrings at the same time. It is something that I try to incorporate into my writing if the circumstances allow.

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