The Fishing Hole – Part 1

Yep, trout season open last weekend, so Scooter and I let it settle down for a week, and then booked it for the woods to enjoy nature at it’s finest. There has been a bunch of beatings down at the creek, but I don’t think anyone is going to mess with us. If you’ve seen Scooter, you’ll know why.

I think there's a good spot to set up camp over here somewhere.

Oh yeah, there it is, and there's no one else around. Sweet!

Yup, this is awesome. Time to relax and enjoy life. A guy can't sit around looking mean ALL the time.

Hey, I wonder where my pal has parked his cranky ass?

Oh there he is. "Yo, Scooter, I grabbed some pints."

"Oh, I'm not drinking that weak ass shit, I got me some Mamajuana."

"Dude, why the hell are you drinking a bottle of aphrodisiac when there are just two guys here?"

"Oh, that's just legend. I have done shots of it before, and there was no effect at all."

"Man, I don't know about this. That's a lot more than a few shots. What if you get one of those boners that never goes away? You can die from that shit, I think."

The reason that I was worried, is because I had just read a blog post by The Redneck Mommy that dealt with that very thing. Scooter assured me that there was nothing to worry about, but I was a little skeptical.

"This is what I'm fishing with. I found it in the parking lot, and fish like shiny things." Scooter told me. "It's nice, but I think you'd have better luck with a hook on it" I replied. "Fuck you." was his answer to that.

*"Remember when we were fifteen, and we drank that jug of Captain Morgan Dark? I was so sick after that, that I couldn't drink rum for twenty years. I also remember you trying to sleep in a hole, with a garbage bag for a blanket that night."

* True story

(What's this, a mysterious stranger hiding in the woods? Whatever could he want?)


"Holy fuck, I've got a lunker on here. Grab the net Scooter, I don't think this rod will hold it."

"We didn't bring a net, so fish it out with your hands. Why the fuck are you fishing with a kid's rod anyhow, and why the fuck are you wearing a safety vest?"

"I can't believe I caught one. YAHOO!!! I don't even have a fishing license, but really, who cares? What are they gonna do, beat me up? Hahahaha."

"Why don't you yell it out for all of the game wardens to hear?"

"GOTCHA! Hahahaha, that was priceless. You are such an idiot."


"I can't believe that you were scared of falling in eight inches of water. HAHAHAHA"

So he thinks that poaching fish is a laughing matter, huh? We'll just see about that.

"Ahhh, nothing like kicking off your boots for a little bank fishing and a few drinks with a good friend, is there?"


(This still worries me though.)

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part two of our adventure.

Lazy yellow moon comin’ up tonight, shinin’ through the trees,


7 thoughts on “The Fishing Hole – Part 1

  1. I like the way you fish Scooter! It’s best just to sit back and relax. Let the fish come to you. Birdman is way too overboard with the fishing gear. A safety vest? Really Birdman?

    By the way, thanks for my daily giggle.

    • We always have fun. How can you not when your friends are awesome? The next couple posts might not be as fun to read though. Unless you liked Deliverance.

  2. Oh my God, the look on your face in your first picture is priceless, Birdman.

    And yea, I would not want to mess with Scooter.

    By the way, I have a fishing license in Canada, but don’t have one in the U.S. That is pretty weird.

    • Thanks, you probably don’t know this, but there are a lot of things about me that are priceless. You should bring your fishing license up here and see if it works. ­čśë

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