The Build Up – Part One

Before getting our shaves and haircuts, we grabbed a coffee next door to John’s at The Human Bean. They are a locally owned coffee shop that serves all kinds of delectables. Check out their site, or just go down. They are a great place to relax, and they serve all kinds of Fair Trade and organic coffees.

Sebastien from SA Photo accompanied us around for the moments leading up to the big event, and did a fantastic job of capturing these wonderful moments. Thank you, Sebastien.

We started out here, in downtown Cobourg, and during the busker festival.

You can feel the excitement building.

The only thing more egg-like than my head, would be an egg.

It was like I was a gang leader for a day, except we didn’t have dope or weapons… or money.

I made sure that I went first. In case someone got cut before I was finished. I would hate to have to go to First Choice.

Proceed, Barber.

“You cut me, I kill you.”

Slick, and there’s the million dollar smile to prove it.

Good luck with this one, John. He shaved once, earlier this morning.

“Gahhhh! I’ve lost the power of the beard.”

Just going through the motions.

John’s Barber Shop 82 King St. W Cobourg, ON (905) 372-4611 as long as he doesn’t win the lottery, he’ll be there.

We then made our way to Cobourg’s Buy and Sell, a really cool pawn shop, to get the swords for the most amazing wedding photo shoot. As you probably guessed, that shoot never happened, but the folks at the store were still awesome to deal with and were extremely accommodating. Give Adam a call at (905) 377-8889, or head down to 47 King St. W in Cobourg and meet him in person.

Breakfast at the Village Cafe in Grafton. Apparently it’s after 11 AM.

Back at the apartment, counting down.

Jesus, aren’t we a somber bunch?

Sometimes I need a little help dressing myself.

Just checking to see where the rotting meat smell was coming from.

Sometimes there’s mirth.

Sometimes we try to remember WTF Dustin said that caused such mirth.

Sorry, dude. They don’t make ties that long.

Bugsy, trying to make Scooter presentable. It’s working!

Well, it looks like I’ve overshot another post. I guess I’ll have a part two, and maybe three coming out soon. That will depend on Mrs. Birdman and whether she wants to do one of her and the girls getting ready.

I didn’t realize that I had these photos, and looking back through them, I couldn’t help but think about my amazing friends, and how lucky I am to have them. Since hooking up with a photographer, I understand that pictures are important to people for preserving memories, but it wasn’t until I looked through my wedding photos that I realized just how much good photos truly mean. I have sat here, flipping, smiling, and occasionally crying while looking over what was the greatest day of my life.

I get it now, baby. I get why you always want a picture whenever we do anything. I’m sorry I ever groaned when you pulled out your camera, and said “Okay, now you get in here beside me.” Sebastien and Ruby have given me something here that I’ll never be able to repay. Not in a million lifetimes. I think about the emotions I feel, mere months after the wedding, and I know how important they will be in 5, 10, or even 50 years.

I also want to thank my groomsmen, Joe, Randy, and Dustin as well as my honorary groomsmen, Steve Tackaberry and Chin Daddy for making myour day go so smoothly. I know we had a lot of help, but if it weren’t for Tack, I would have been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off for two weeks prior to the wedding, and Chin was sober enough to make sure we had enough booze to properly entertain our guests.

This brings me to the one half of my Groomsmountain (thanks, Kari), Aaron. He came from BC, and constantly went above and beyond what was expected of anyone. I’ll never be able to thank him enough for his perpetually cool head, his big heart, or his friendship. He and I have been through a lot in the short time that we’ve known each other, and there isn’t a day goes by that I don’t appreciate him, and all he has done for me. I love you, buddy, and if there’s anything you ever need me for, say the word and I’ll be there.

Even though we have spent our lives charging up the wrong side of the hill,


8 thoughts on “The Build Up – Part One

  1. It was a most fun day! I had a blast! I loved getting my fake shave. (Wish I did have whiskers to shave off though.)

    Thank you for including me in your wonderful day.

    Love you guys!

  2. With all the video stuff I had almost forgotten that pictures were taken too! I love the black and white on these -good job Gerri. Glad to hear of your appreciation for photography Chris. Cheers, see you soon.

    • Yes, you should see us soon. You seem to be flying under the radar. I hope it’s because you are so busy that you can’t get away.

  3. Hey Bird
    I too am happy to hear of your new appreciation of photography. It will be handy being married to a photographer! When you come visit me you will have to bring the video that Sebastian is talking about and from the video booth I never got to see that yet. Thanks for saying those nice things about me. It was an honour to be a part of your big day. I had a blast hanging with all the good Ontario folk.
    Later Pal

    • I’ll try to get it from him when he gets it done. I can assure you that the “good Ontario folk” had a blast too, and we’ll have to have another big party if you get down this way again. Thanks for being there, buddy.

  4. Dude, those photos are incredible. The caption for the second one is my absolute favorite. Just perfect.

    I have always wanted one of these shaves, and when I inevitably come to visit you, I want to get one with you. My treat!

    • You had better hurry up then. Old John might retire at any moment. It just takes one lottery ticket. Either way, we can find someone around that will do it.

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