The Brotherhood Of The Travelling Blue Shirt

I feel like a complete douche for ripping off of The Bloggess’ Travelling Red Dress movement, because what I’m doing is cheap and sleazy in comparison to the good work that she’s doing, but still I press onward. I am really not making fun of the red dress, but more like trying to prove that men can look studly in a blue velour shirt that fits everyone.

Proud as a motherfucking peacock

That's my pensive look










It’s hard to explain how one shirt can empower you to just let out a sexy growl, or even a bit of a roar. You just have to put it on and feel it for yourself. From the Alaska Highway to the Dominican Republic, to the underworld, this shirt has made men (and women), find their true sexiness, and lustful prowess.

You feel neither heat, nor cold when you are in the embrace of the shirt. It is just a blissful feeling of warmth and purity

From the time Chin found it at the thrift shop in Hudson’s Hope, BC, until the time I took it off on the balcony in Puerto Plata, DR, it had transformed me from a short, fat guy to a short, fat guy with a burning sex appeal that can’t be denied.

The Toronto airport. People were in awe of the shirt from the moment I walked in

The shirt has more magical power than a unicorn doing a 69 with Pegasus. It’s been known to repel werewolves, and common street thugs offer me protection money when I walk by them. I almost feel bad for the people that don’t own this shirt.

You can just see the shirt's power at work here. See how she is molesting that ugly bastard?



It amazingly fits any person







Even ladies get mucho sexy when they put it on

We at Change The Topic feel extremely selfish for holding onto this gem of a garment, while there are men and women out there who would love to feel it’s velvety breath on their skin, so we are going to mail it to YOU.

It's excellent for hunting... If you are hunting vagina

Yes, that’s correct. If you need a little pick me up, and a surge in your layability, then send us your mailing address, and we will ship it out to you. There are a few strings attached, as with everything, but first look at another beautiful photo.

Even an apocalyptic horseman won't fuck with you when you wear this shirt

The strings are that you have to take photos in the shirt, and you have to ship it to the next person that wants to feel all sexy and shit. Like this chick below.

You're damn right she's happy, when she put the shirt on she was magically transported from Fort McMurray to wherever the hell this place is

Really, there isn’t much else to say. We are in possession of a magic shirt, and we want to see you in it. If you live close, we might be able to arrange to take your photo in it, and then we could all save on the shipping costs. Or you could throw a shirt party at your house, and everyone could get drunk and fight over who gets to wear it. It would be kind of pointless, seeing as whoever is wearing it will win the fight, but it would be good blog fodder nonetheless.

This shirt is NSFP Not Safe For Prison. You also shouldn't wear it near any rest areas in California or New York

I wear it beneath my jacket, with the collar turned up high,


P.S. Check out our pinterest site page whatever the fuck it’s called Follow Me on Pinterest to see the rest of the blue shirt photos, and a couple of Gadget showing off his burn lines.

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