The bromance of the year (so far)

While on holiday I fell in love with a man. He’s a man with a great sense of humour, a lot of tattoos, and a really cute bum. My lady is quite accepting when it comes to sharing me with others, so she was happy to follow along on our adventures and snap the odd photo of our great bromance.

My god he is one handsome prick


Ooooh, my loins are moist

Seems like we were the only swingers at this resort.

He always gets that happy look when he gets to be on top



This is just before we were physically removed by security

We'll always have the Barcelo

Who's my big strong boy?

Happy Valentines Day, Sugarbugs

Let me help you get your wallet


"If you like pina coladas"

Do I need to explain?

He used his salad fork for his meat

At first he was angry about me punching him, but he couldn't block me forever

We made up, but he called me Chris Brown for days

Sometimes we spice things up


I sometimes get a bit rough when I'm drinking

It makes me a bit sleepy too

I like it when he gets dirty

It's our last day, old friend šŸ™

So... Sheep herding in Wyoming next year???


Well there you have it. It was a bit of an emotional roller coaster, but we came through it with open minds, and open hearts. I can’t wait for next year.

Love lifts us up where we belong,


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