Take Me Out, Coach

That’s right, motherfuckers. We won ‘E’ champs of the Castleton Mixed Three Pitch league, and to celebrate our prowess on the field, the other teams decided to get together and throw us a party.

It was quite lovely. There was a DJ, a lovely buffet, lots of booze, which turned into lots of drunk people. There was also a slideshow that showcased all of the teams dedication to beer league slo-pitch, to go along with the handing out of awards to the champs. (Yes, there were others, not just the “E” division)

I guess I should shut up and just get to the fun stuff.

Hardcore and Mama getting ready for a night with no children.

J-Roc accepting their ‘A’ champs trophy. (note: this is early in the night)

A little bit later

By now she feels she must protect herself with the two most powerful symbols in baseball. The “A” and the “E” division trophies.

Mrs. Birdman would kill me if I didn’t throw this handsome prick in the mix.

Some of the ladycats “working” the bar. Yes that’s Blue Light, and yes there is some left.

It’s unfortunate that someone went through and edited photos before I was able to get ahold of them. Thanks for not editing Bodyrocker’s out.

“I don’t want a fucking Blue Light.”

Someone doesn’t need a lot of eye to see.

It’s probably best that this is very blurry.


Billie Jean just came on. Drink up and dance, Hardcore.

“Hey Skippy. Is that your wife dancing on the chairs?

“Fuck you. I’m the Dancing Queen, and I’ll dance where I want to.”

When it was my turn to tend the bar, I was reprimanded several times for liquor license violations.

Fine then, run the fucking bar yourselves. I’m outta here.

And now, we dance.

They’re already planning for next year. Well too bad, suckers, we plan on taking the ‘E’ division every year. Oh yeah, and thanks for the delicious grub. Oh yeah, look at the far end. Why would you need 6 beer for two people?

Here’s one half of the fantastic DJ service that played the event. I managed to make it onto their “Fuck Off list”, so that’s impressive. Hey, it’s not my fault you don’t have TOOL in your library.

Here’s the better half of Mixed Media. Look how close to me she got. Oh, yeah, we are looking at the display, much to the chagrin of my lady. I may have started getting drunk by this time.

Well, I’m all whacked out on cyclobenzaprene, and things are starting to move slower than normal, so I’m going to leave this until Wednesday, when we’ll see the rest of the pics. There’s bar dancing, fingering, and quite a bit of hugging mixed with slurred phrases like, but not limited to: “If I wasn’t married to __________, and you weren’t married to __________, I would so take you out to the parking lot and fuck your brains out.” I may be paraphrasing on that, but It’s Castleton, and you just never know around there.

I got bitches in the living room gettin it on, and, they ain’t leavin til six in the mornin,


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  1. Thanks for sharing your version of Saturday evening festivities. You did seem to be having a good time 😉 And thanks for sharing that photo of the “handsome prick”. He’s a fine golf partner too


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