Take it from the Chin

I Think BC stands for “Brutally Cold”

We left on a Friday morning at about 11, I was already fully aware that it would be a very long drive to our destination but when Birdman stopped in Bowmanville for lunch I raised an eyebrow. A 20 minute visit and 2 pitas later we were off again. North Bay for gas, Cochrane for a meeting with provincial law enforcement and Ignace for breakfast and that was the end of Ontario for us. We hustled through Manitoba, because who really wants to be there anyway, and into the second night of driving. Hello Saskatchewan! Minus 31 degrees, running out of gas and no clue where to find more. I was trying to find a bonfire app for my iPhone in case we needed to keep warm when the valiant Honda sputtered into starvation, but we found a gas station and refueled with barely a moment to spare. We decided a pizza night in Lanigan, Saskatchewan would be just the ticket to bring us closer. After filling our bellies and showering the past one or two days away(not together), we were off again. Welcome to Alberta! Past Edmonton to Grand Prairie and frightfully close to running out of gas again. I guess we don’t learn very quickly. After many more hours of dark snowy twisty turny up and down driving, I have the privilege of meeting Aaron and Lannie.

Monday morning and into Fort St. John from Hudson’s Hope. Birdy takes me to meet some very nice people and to find out what training I/we need, and we’re off to sign up. So begins the drudgery of workplace safety training. Looks like the week will be filled with long boring hours of training and meeting many people who call the Birdman a friend. After spending many hours in a much too confined space with Birdman, I can understand why they call him a friend.

I think I’ve gotten to know the Birdman fairly well during our tiring yet sometimes hilarious trip and I can honestly say he’s tolerable. I have great admiration and some jealousy for his love of Mother Bird, and she is head over heels for him as well. I have grown fond of her as well. She didn’t really need to make sure I brought winter skivvies but the thought is sweet. However, no matter how many times she asks me, I WILL NOT kiss him good night!

Hopefully we get our training done this week and will be in camp on Monday. It’s all new to me but so was parenting, I haven’t screwed that up too badly yet so this will hopefully go pretty good too!

Sorry if this guest blog doesn’t entertain like the Birdman’s, but it was my first. If we’re lucky he won’t ask for another.

Remember, if you’re in a war zone; keep your hopes high and your head low.


10 thoughts on “Take it from the Chin

  1. Ah…I’ve been waiting for some Chin 🙂
    I am glad that you and my true love have experienced copious amounts of flatulence, lawlessness and comraderie on your epic journey. I am enjoying being a virtual backseat passenger. Thanks for keeping Birdman entertained and for being a capital co-pilot. xo 🙂

    • I’m sorry Patti, I don’t see one either. I guess I didn’t think anyone except my friends would ever read this tripe, so I guess I just figured that everyone knew. I will rectify that in tomorrow’s post.
      Thanks so much for reading,

  2. I was referred to your blog by Jeanne Pengally a few months ago and have been following you ever since. I esp. love to read about your love for the Mrs. and her children. A modern day love story!

    • Wow, all I can say is thanks, and thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate when people actually take the time to comment, and tell us what they want to hear, it helps me to know what to write about. I can go on and on about my love for her, but didn’t want to saturate the market. I hope we can keep on entertaining you and Jeanne, and tell her to drop us a line as well.

  3. Thanks for the comments peeps, life with the Bird is hard to put into words. If I had more gumption I’d try to record some of it. Unfortunately, I’m not sure it would receive a PG rating.
    It was a pleasure to meet you as well Yvette, hope to see you again before the Bird drags my frozen carcass into the woods.
    I’m not sure I deserve the Co-pilot accolades as I have no idea where I am and it seems to be dark here ALL THE TIME. I didn’t see a hill or river until today!
    I’m certain that in the coming days more stupidity will ensue and I will have to document whatever tragedy befalls us.


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