Take it from the chin

(I asked Chin to write a blog post, but now I’m going to mess it up by responding in brackets throughout. Please join in the fun with me.)

He is a Busy Bird!

(not really)

I would first like to say that the Bird has been extremely kind in both his actions and words focused on yours truly. For that I am very thankful. (you should be)

Now we shall get back to a sense of normalcy. (I doubt it)

As I slowed down when the Bird’s truck approached mine on the ice road we were building, I wondered what he wanted to say to me. While I rolled down my window, “HEY MOTHER #@!%er” was apparently the phrase that popped into his head. Then, twenty minutes later he asks me if I would write a blog post for him tonight, because he has to drive to Fort Nelson to get a flat tire fixed after work. Don’t feel sorry for him, it’s overtime! (it’s all true)

I’ll tell you a little bit about what we are doing up here in the Great White North; once I tell you that little bit you will know just about as much as I do. We work twelve hour days creating the infrastructure that ultimately puts gas in your Vespa, Lada, Pacer or any other luxury vehicle that you may choose. There are two very important parts to the day, breakfast and dinner. Believe me when I tell you that the food here is very good and plentiful. If I don’t get my wimpy southern Ontario ass into the gym while I’m here, you’ll be reading The World According To DOUBLE Chin! I’m pretty good with the Eating Irons if you know what I mean. (he knows how to eat, that’s for damn sure)

Back to the technical stuff now. I’ll put this in list form to make it easier to understand.

1. Drive truck to big man made pond

2. Fill truck with water

3. Drive truck about 1 kilometer to road through bush

4. Dump water on road (spray)

5. Repeat

I realize that may be a bit hard to comprehend for anybody not associated with the petroleum industry, but feel safe in the knowledge that the Bird and I are highly trained professionals.

I believe that someone has mentioned the Bird’s rather impressive ability to snore. (that was you) Well my room just happens to be parked right next to a worthy challenger to the title, and just for good measure, the dude on the other side of the wall from me seems to think it’s a great idea to set his alarm for 3:50 am and let it go off for about an hour! Not a big deal really, I was only sleeping. (what a whiner)

Anyway, camp life is pretty good so far. The Bird has taken me under his wing(yes it does smell really bad under there), the rooms are small, the work is easy, the pay is great, the weather has been up and down and the food is great(that means the room will probably get smaller). (All bracketed sentences in this paragraph except this one, belong to Chin)

I’m going to end this by telling something that I sincerely and honestly believe. The Bird is a good man! He took a chance bringing me out here and vouching for me to people that trust him, for that I am truly thankful and indebted to him. I have no idea how to thank him for what he has done for me, but my first objective is to not let him down. (I like money)

The Bird is a happy man, honestly happy. It has been very enjoyable to hear all about his love for Mother and the Baby Birds. He loves all three of them with every bit of his heart. I hope to get to know Mother Bird much better in the future; she is way up the cool ladder and head over heels in love with him. This blog is also becoming very important to the Bird. He is very passionate about it and really enjoys doing it, so let’s help him out by telling everyone we know to pop on here and read it. He shares all with us, so let’s share him with all! (Chin is a very intuitive genius)

I could ramble on and on, but it’s EATIN’ TIME! I sure love EATIN’ TIME. (the dude loves food)

The Bird is probably having something classy for dinner in Fort Nelson while waiting for his tire to be fixed(insert snicker here), but like I said before: Don’t feel sorry for him….It’s overtime! (I ate a sub that I took from camp)

As pleasant as Imperial Oil tries to make things here in camp, there is one thing even they can’t provide…Time with my princesses. I miss them terribly and with the time difference it’s even harder to stay in contact with them. Knowing I’ll be home over the holidays is the only thing that makes me feel a little bit better. Every day is one day closer to having them ignore me in person. I miss that! (He does love them, and they do ignore him. It breaks my heart to see him yell at his phone when they don’t text him back.)

Think about it…Just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you! (Wait a minute. Who’s “they”?


P.S. You didn’t miss much Birdy, dinner was only spaghetti, fried chicken, broccoli with cheese sauce and roasted potatoes with gravy. (Thanks for writing this. You saved me from having to stay up late, and I like it when people say nice things about me.)

2 thoughts on “Take it from the chin

  1. Chin, you are a delight and a pleasure to know. Another great blog post! I look forward to the holidays, meeting the Princesses and other general mayhem and tomfoolery. Stay safe, and keep warm! 🙂

  2. Awesome post my man!

    As for Birdman, to know him is to love him. Just saying be careful in the shower.

    I am glad you guys are in a good camp. I have spent time in crappy camps so I know the difference.

    Both of you be careful so you don’t have to bother the medic with strange itches.
    Remember, a bored medic is a happy medic.

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