Take it from the Chin


Spent the entire day at hydrogen sulphide(H2S) training. I should say it was incredibly informative and could prove life saving but that would take away from the overwhelming boredom that actually filled the day. Oh well, it’s done now and I can truly say that at this moment I am more qualified than the Bird!

The other down side of the boredom is the opportunity to realize that I miss the princesses. For anyone who doesn’t know who they are, I’ll tell you now. The princesses are my two daughters. My princesses are a little older than the “baby birds” but from my perspective I can say that the Bird is equally attached to his nestlings as I am to the princesses. I’m impressed with the Bird, I can relate to joining a family that is already in progress and it’s not as easy as one might think. I’ve shared many of my stories of raising the ladies and he has shared as well. Hopefully, some of my experience has helped the Bird. If not, I know he will do well because he loves the Baby Birds with all his heart and Mother Bird will guide him.

Speaking of Mother Bird, I would like to thank her for being so cool. I almost feel as though I’ve become an honorary member of the flock and that is pretty cool.

Back to the princesses. I miss them terribly but I know they are doing just fine. They were very supportive of me coming out here for a little while and the older princess even told me that she was proud of me. That brought tears to my eyes. Normally it’s me who is proud of them, and for good reason. Both of my girls do very well in school, they are kind and polite to everybody that they know and meet, and both of them actively volunteer in the community. If that don’t make a papa proud, I sure don’t know what will. Luckily with technology today I can keep in touch with the princesses all the time, although it seems to me that they would like it to be a little less often. But if they are princesses, that makes me the king! Everybody knows that the king makes the rules so I call whenever I want.

The king also has a large royal family he’d like to thank for helping make sure the princesses are taken care of. Without them I wouldn’t be able to be out here with the Bird.

You may have noticed that the title and the ramblings don’t really have anything to do with one another. I just thought it was funny how people out here refer to the plentiful deer as goats.

Be safe people….never pet a burning dog!



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