Apr 05

Thank You


As I was moping around in my head tonight, I got called down to the girl’s room for an impromptu concert. It was just what I needed. It took the sting out of getting laid off yesterday, and made me look forward to what’s to come.

Whatever that is.

Oh yeah, I got laid off/fired yesterday. I’m not quite sure why, but the reason I got was that someone had to be cut from the department I was in, and seeing as I was the last guy hired, it was me. Anyhow, I’m not heartbroken or butthurt over it, but it was nice to be working after being off for a year, and even though I had to get up at 5:30 AM, I liked the people I worked with, being three minutes from home, and the four day work week. I actually really liked my co-workers. More so than most jobs I’ve had in the past.

So yesterday I came home at my regular time and broke the news to my sweet baby. She was shocked at first, but all in all she took it amazingly. It was date night, so we were kid free. While I licked my wounds, she went to pick up her, new to her, massage table and came home and healed me up. We went upstairs and had an epic cocooning session, then I buggered off to sleep. I may or may not have taken some of my special anxiety medicine as well. (“may” is a safe bet on that one.)

I got up this morning feeling tired and a bit cranky, so I wrote a story for Aiming Low and played on Facebook and responded to a few emails. One of them was to see if I’d like to review a copy of The Sandlot – 20th Anniversary Edition. Hell yeah, I sure would. Remember that movie? I kind of do. I remember loving it at the time. That’s cool, my day just picked up a little. Continue reading