Jun 19

Where Does It Go?


No, I’m not talking about that, although I could have used some hints when I was younger.

I’m talking about time.

I was pretty sick all this week, but what about last week, and probably next week?

It can’t always be so rushed, can it?

It’s been really good to be working again, even though it’s only forty hours a week. I don’t know how I ever did it when I was doing eighty plus. I hope I never have to find out again.

I am quite liking this new job. I’ve never had an actual union job before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but so far it’s pretty sweet. I like the scheduled shifts, because knowing when I work all week is a pretty foreign concept to me. The fact that I get a long weekend every weekend in the summer is the icing on the cake though. I am able to get things done on Fridays that would normally take up part of our weekend.

Normally that would leave more time for soaping, but we haven’t really done much of that lately. I guess it’s because we have been busy doing other things like gardening, building the chicken coop, and sleeping. We also helped at the 17th Annual Fishing Derby at Dinosaur Lake today, but that was just a day, so we can’t really blame it for using up all of our precious time.

It was a pretty cool fishing derby though. I think. It’s actually the first one I’ve been to in any capacity, so it seemed good to me, even though there were only four fish caught out of probably a hundred people.

dinosaur lake

Dinosaur Lake

Apparently fish don’t bite when the water is so muddy, but this derby doesn’t care if you catch fish, so the juniors were just drawn from all of the kids who entered. I also like that everyone gets a prize, so even if you don’t fish, you are still going to get something. I got a good [easyazon_link identifier=”B007Z1I9Z0″ locale=”US” tag=”granligh-20″]length of rope[/easyazon_link] and a [easyazon_link identifier=”B01ET6CVS4″ locale=”US” tag=”granligh-20″]credit card knife[/easyazon_link], along with a bunch of freebies that the conservation officers dropped off for everyone. Lanyard and floaty keychains, travel mugs, stickers, spinner lures, and some cool tape measures were given out to everyone that wanted them.

It was a really fun day, with all kinds of community spirit and a lot of smiling faces. I can’t wait for next year. 🙂


P.S. I only wrote one thing this week over at Granola Light. It isn’t really exciting for anyone who doesn’t share my passion for the care and breeding of composting worms and the evil forces that attack them.

Sep 24

I’m Alive


I made it out west, but I’ve had a very busy threefour days, so I haven’t had any time to blog. I brought my old laptop out, just to make it a bit easier to get all of this shit down as it was happening, but it hadn’t been turned on in over a year, so it has been updating and being extremely slow since I opened it. When I put the internet browser on, it crashes and I have to start all over. That’s why I’m writing this on my phone.

I’m going to leave you with a few photos of the beautiful scenery, and where I’m working, just so you don’t feel sorry for me. I don’t need your fucking pity.



Those are from the shale pit that we are hauling out of. I don’t think I will ever tire of working in the mountains. Well, unless I become a dirty seismic freak. In that case I’d be tired because of the uneven terrain and all of the physical labour.


This is from the hilltop shitter.


Apparently there are petrified trees in there somewhere.

Those are from the Hudson’s Hope highway. That’s the Peace River. It’s the one that Aaron and I almost perished in.

(This is where I fell asleep and forgot to finish this albatross. It’s okay though I remembered the next night.)

Could you imagine if our story was different? I think about that often. What if I had of died like Aaron thought was happening? I didn’t really know Mrs. Birdman then. She might have seen the news and thought that it was too bad, but really, people die every day. My family would have been pretty sad I think. Most of them anyhow.

Aaron would have watched me die that day and then gone on with his life. He’s pretty practical and smart, so I think he’d realise that sometime life sucks, but it still goes on. He’d probably hug his family extra tight every night and be thankful that he made it. I hope he would pour a beer into the river every year to remember his lost homie and then shoot a couple of rounds into the cliffs. I bet there is an echo that would deafen him. You know, just so he would remember me a little extra every time he tries to hear anything, but can’t.

Naw, I’m just fucking with you. Like I’d want him wasting beer and ammo like that.

Anyhow. I will try to put something funny together one of these days, but right now I have to go to bed, because I put diesel in the hydraulic tank on Jimmy’s truck and I have to get up really early to see if I can’t fix it up. I mean earlier than the 5 AM that I would have been getting up anyhow.

Safe complaining, ’cause everything’s rotten, go insanin’, and ain’t a thing forgotten,



Apr 08

We Floated Our Fannies


Yep, we surely did. It was the maiden voyage for all of us, and it was awesome. Out of 56 crazy crafts, we came in 17th. Not too shabby, right?

See? I'm not lying. We're fucking prodigies. Top 10 next year, baby.

See? I’m not lying. We’re fucking prodigies. Top 10 next year, baby.

We had a pretty amazing raft built for Float Your Fanny Down The Ganny 2013 at Northumberland Repair & Refinish, but Michael and the guys there explained that it was too big and heavy, so we ended up scrapping the idea and building it a bit smaller and lighter because of their advice.

Good thing too, because we were scraping bottom with the new one and it is hundreds of pounds lighter than the first raft. I am very glad that Michael and Amy let us use the shop, because if they hadn’t, we would have showed up and been marooned almost instantly. I also wouldn’t have known where I was going to take The Goblin for work when I eventually hit something hard. Amy was telling me that I don’t have to take my vehicle to wherever the insurance company wants me to, and that they will work with people to make it easier on them if they do have an accident. This was all news, because every time I had an accident in my younger days, they would give me three or four places to get estimates from, and I never questioned them. I will now though.

Anyhow, if you’re looking for a decent guy to deal with, call them at 289-251-2660. Tell them I sent you, and they will probably make you haul that monster raft away. (I’ll try to get over this week.)

Here's what we did the night before the race. Gadget is probably the handiest guy I know, and I'd be lost without him.

Here’s what we did the night before the race. Yes, it’s four pics in one.

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Feb 19

Float Your Fanny Down The Ganny


That’s right, Gadget and I are teaming up with PXL Cross-linked Foam and building a raft for the annual Float Your Fanny Down The Ganny race. I was excited because I love the thought of capsizing in frigid waters, so I wasn’t thinking about details and other shit that are rather important when planning a job like this. That was when he asked a question that I hadn’t even thought about.

“How many people do you want to have on the team, so I know how big to design this for?”

Up until that point I thought I’d just be lucky if he would join me, but then I thought, maybe other people would like to be on Change The Topic’s Crazy Craft.

Doesn't that look fun? I think we should have something a little more top heavy.

Doesn’t that look fun? I think we should have something a little more top heavy.

Photo Credit

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May 11

Happy Mother’s Day, Baby

Happy Somewhat Anniversary as well. I say “somewhat” because it’s been about two years since we started dating. Two years, and you’re still here. Well, I guess it’s your house so that only makes sense, but wow, that’s a long time.

Yesterday you told me to go back two years and ask myself if I could imagine that I’d be here now, a month away from being married and driving around in a mini-van with my fiance and two little girls? The answer is a firm “NO”. I honestly thought I’d be in New Brunswick, maybe living in this place, hopefully dating someone that wasn’t into headgames, and driving loads of frozen potato products around the country. That’s just where I thought I’d be. It seems like a good life for a single guy, who oddly enough, had had enough of women.

The DOT might say something about this, nowadays.

Would I change any of it?

Not on your life. I have the best possible existence for me. I have never been happier, and look forward to waking up every day, because I get to spend it with you. I love that I have a hand in raising your beautiful daughters, and I hope upon hope, that I won’t be deficient in this challenge. Those girls hold such promise for the future, that it almost makes my heart burst with pride. I love how well everyone works together for them, and they don’t have to listen to constant fighting or mud-slinging to get a negative impression of what I hope will be a perfect life for them.

Many nights, I have had to listen to you question your parenting skills. “What if I did this wrong?, or “What if they grow up to hate me for not letting them …?”

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