Jan 07

Thrift Shops, Burritos, And Soft Blues

So Chinny and I went to On The Rim for some breakfast burritos and afterwards, hit up the Hudson’s Hope Thrift Store for some stylish duds, and we scored big!!! First I’ll tell you about the burritos though, because once I start on about the jewel that Chin found, I’ll never shut up about it. OMG, I love it sooooo much!!! So we went to Deb’s restaurant, and had the breakfast burrito, and man was it good. I’ve always loved those burritos; I’m sure everything else on the breakfast menu is great too, but I just always seem to go for the burrito. If it’s after breakfast, I will then have a taco.

The way that I got to know Deb was quite odd; Aaron had told me how good the food was, so I went down there for lunch and was greeted by a sneering, surly woman. She sure didn’t seem to like the fact that I wasn’t sure how to order. There is a counter with the menu above it, so I looked, saw what I wanted and went to sit down. I wasn’t aware that you order at the counter, then go sit down and she brings your food, and she let me know how it worked, just not in a really pleasing tone. Now seeing as I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt, especially when they cook good grub, I went back another time. I don’t remember the whole thing, but she was equally as grumpy then too, so I figured that I would just keep frequenting the other establishments in town, and not waste my amazing sense of humour on this place. It was a while later that I moved into Julie and Johnny’s house, and Julie is really good friends with Deb. I had told Julie about my experiences there, and she just said that she was surprised, because Deb was such an awesome person, and there must have been something wrong.

Fast forward a month or so, and I get a call from Julie to please come down and pick her up from Deb’s, because she had been into the beer and didn’t want to drive. When I got there, she made me go inside, and then ambushed me by announcing that she had told Deb that I thought she was a bitch, and that we were going to get this sorted out, because she didn’t want her favourite people to not like each other. After about five minutes of discomfort, we were drinking, and telling stories, and I had mostly forgotten what my gripe was in the first place. It turns out that I had just misread her shortness, and when she’s doing a bunch of things at once, she is very quick to explain things, and seeing as she runs the restaurant all by herself usually, she’s always like that. Anyhow, I quite like her now, and I still love her food, so I guess Julie was pretty smart, after all.

Click on the photo for large size. Come on, try it.

You bet it’s real. Feel it. You know you want to.

Look at how shimmery that shit is











You may have guessed from the photos, that I am now the proud owner of a blue velour shirt. Chin found this gem at the Thrift Store and dared me to get it (like it took much daring). I cautiously looked at the price, expecting it to be quite unaffordable, and in turn unattainable. Beautiful things like that are usually like strippers, you get near them, and pretty soon you want to have them, but if you haven’t got a big wad of cash, you don’t get to possessĀ  them. Luckily the ladies that volunteer there forgot to add the zeros to the tag, and I was able to pick it up for three dollars. As I was yelling “Start the car!” to Chin, I realized that he couldn’t get in, because the door is still broken. After he Luke Duked it into the passenger window, we headed back to Aaron and Lannie’s to try on the wondrous piece of sex that is my new shirt. I guess I should say that I tried it on; for whatever reason, Chinbag wasn’t interested, so whatever, it’s his loss. He did, however, get to photograph me in it, so I’m sure that slaked his thirst for the shirt, for a little while anyhow.

Even Sonny is humbled by the sheer luxury of it.

Yeah, you know how bad you want it











I can’t wait to wear this on our sunny Valentine vacation. I’m going to rock the beaches of the Dominican, or wherever we go, and I’m doing it in style. They won’t know what hit them. They’ll be thinking I screwed up, and went there instead of Monte Carlo or Ibiza or some other place that mucky mucks go.

Chinstrap and I went up to John and Julie’s after our Mexican dinner, and I had a couple of beer while he watched me drink them. Well, I guess we did a little more than that; Johnny told Chin about how they got the loaves flowing smoothly again, and Julie told us about their oldest girl getting engaged, so they’re (she’s) pretty excited. I got to play with Daisy, who got bit by a dog that she attacked, and then developed OLD (Obsessive Licking Disorder) , and had to wear a cone. She just got the cone off in time for our visit, so there was a bit of excitement on her part too. I wish we lived closer to each other, because I really miss hanging out with my friends like I used too. Playing hubcap golf, shooting goats with rubber arrowheads, and partaking in some Bombay gin, in the only form I can handle it in, the Johnny Special. Unfortunately they won’t be able to make it to Ontario for our upcoming nuptials, but they will be there in spirit.

You’ve got to pick up every stitch,