Apr 26

I Wrote A Story About Blue


But it’s over at Aiming Low. I didn’t realize it had been published, but evidently it has, so here is the link.

It’s not a particularly great story, but for anyone who knows Blue, you will agree that it’s probably pretty accurate. He does what he wants, when he wants to do it, and usually he gets away with it, because of his winning personality.

Tonight he didn’t get away with it though. He was barking at some passersby and I went in to shut the window and get him away from the distraction. He wouldn’t move, so I physically grabbed his collar and slid him along the floor.

This was when he snarled at me.

This is also when the fisticuffs and growling started from both sides. A short, epic battle ensued, resulting in an extended crate nap and a lot of obedience commands.

We’re good now. Well, I am, anyhow. Hopefully he doesn’t start shitting in my pillow or something.

Hey, bird dog get away from my quail, hey, bird dog you’re on the wrong trail,


Mar 19

So Now I Want To Be A Film Maker.


I went to Toronto to see my friends play their monthly show at The Cameron House in February and I was blown away.

I loved it so much that I went back on Saturday for the March show and took a bunch of video and audio to try and piece together a story. Not just a blog post story, though. Something bigger than that.

I don’t know anything about video editing or about filming, for that matter, but I do know about the feel of something, and I’ve got to say that the feeling is good. It is something that I find fascinating, but daunting.

I’m going to really try this though. For myself, because I feel that it needs to be told/shown, but also because it just felt like I had to. You know that feeling when an unknown force (the universe, God, Jay Sharp) is telling you to do something, and you just know they are right?

He's dreamy.

He’s dreamy.

Well that’s what happened here. Continue reading

Mar 08

The Days Don’t Seem As Long.

Today wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t nearly as sore as the other days, but it wasn’t totally pain free either. I figure by the end of next week I should be as fine as frog’s hair, and stop feeling like I’m fucking 70. I did get to learn some pretty cool things about aluminum and the impurities (dross) that float on top today, so that was fun. I love it when I’m interested in something, and get to learn about it while receiving a paycheque. It was like that when I worked hauling propane too. I just like the chemistry of things, I guess.

Maybe I should have been a chemist or some other kind of scientist, but you probably need to have an education for that sort of thing, or at least a good work ethic. I’m one of those people who gets side tracked easily and even though I would start out trying to find an ecologically sound, cheaply made alternative fuel, I’d figure out how to make ecstasy and then we’d all be screwed.

Literally and figuratively.

Lucky for the world, I’m not into chemicals, so I try to find a more natural way to cure what ails me. Sometimes it makes me say silly things.

You can read about it over at Aiming Low, if you like to laugh at my expense.

What about you folks, what do you use to treat and prevent things like anxiety, tuberculosis, and work?

And you may see me tonight with an illegal smile, it don’t cost very much, but it lasts a long while,


Feb 07

You Ever Git Whupped At School?


I did. Some of you were there. I’m sure there were others that got it too, but I can’t remember who they were. Probably Mark Cook and Brian Smith. It’s weird how the times change, but they do. Nowadays they wouldn’t dream of striking a student. Well, they probably dream of it all the time, but they just can’t follow through.

Anyhow, you can read all about it over at Aiming Low. While you’re there you should check out some other fantastic writers. There are lots of them around that place.

Iieieieieieieeiiii will love you foreeaeaeaeaever,


Feb 04

What A Great Vacation


I really want to tell you about it too, but I can’t right now, because I have to get the pictures to properly illustrate the level of fantastic that was experienced. If I had to measure it in words, I’d say that it was kind of like if Jennifer Aniston is your hairdresser and she always wears thin cotton t-shirts that are old and almost threadbare. That’s just the ice cream of this sundae, because she is constantly brushing her breasts against your cheeks, and she’s never wearing a bra. I’m going to add in that she kisses and bites your ear, while she hugs you when you give her the $15. It was that good.

Anyhow, because I’m waiting for the technical difficulties to work themselves out, I will point you in the direction of my latest post at Aiming Low. It’s called Chin Up, Gun Nut. Maybe Next Year, and it’s so amazing. Well, if you like to hear about hillbillies shooting themselves and others.

What’s your best hillbilly joke?

Amarillo by morning, up from San Antone,