Supair Boogies… So Fun!


Hey everybody, we’re doing a pictorial post today because we are busy getting ready for the funeral. Had a great night at Mom’s with the entire family getting together for some laughs, and a few tears. I have such an amazing family, and you kind of take it for granted sometimes, but every once in a while, you step back, look around, and just marvel at the fact that everyone loves one another, and we all have a great time together. More about that when I have some extra time. Right now I’ll put together a story of rain, rum, tits, and friendship. Are you intrigued yet? Stay tuned for some hilarious hijinks, and a whole bunch of shit eating grins. First off though, here’s Gadget showing you the correct pronunciation once again.

Play it back until you have it down pat, and then say it to random people as you pass them by in the street. Now on to the picture show.
















Go go Gadget Super Buggy!!!













Hokay, follow me

Look at her smile. It's like she's going to enjoy this

I use my teeth to filter the hepatitis out of the water

Because masking tape is the best waterproofing. Everyone knows that.

Heading to town to get some gas for his 1974 Yamaha 200

The only thing missing is some guns

Here it's called a HIVer crossing, not a river crossing

We just heard that Whitney Houston died

As if. It’s just a joke, so relax.

She's starting to be suspicious that there is cowshit in her hair

Paul and Kelly. They came here from Wales or some shit

Our spectacular ladies with their fibrous fecal matter sleeves

I need a toilet and some rum, STAT. Oh, and I need them in that order

These two were really cool

I wish Patrick Swayze was alive to rip this fucker's throat out

You have shit in your teeth, and up your nose, and I don't want to kiss you.

Are you sure this will kill beaver fever? Okay, I'll give it a shot

Going to my happy place

And I'm back. Well at least I won't get diarrhea.

These guys tell me that rum is good for cleaning your teeth.

Hmmmm, now I wish it could kill the bugs in my shorts

I'm so happy, that I think I'll flash my boobs in the next frame

Come on, look at that no-neck bastard beside her, he'd kill me

They were quite nice though. If you were wondering.

Hey Paul. That's not where you park these things

I think I got shot. Fucking Haitians

Don't worry, it's fairly warm water.

I do NOT want to take these assholes all the way back.

Just aim a little upstream

You guys coming?

Yayyyyyyy, we are alive

He actually got it lit finally

Well there you have it. I did this because I didn’t have the time for a written post and it took as long or longer. Oh well, it’s getting close to 2AM and I have to be at the funeral home at 10AM, should be a good time.

Isn’t it a pity? Isn’t it a shame? No one ever told the boy, rock and roll is a vicious game,



3 thoughts on “Supair Boogies… So Fun!

  1. Such a glamourous display of Gerri’s theeth. Very shiny. Congratulations on those fine hepatitis filters. Compliments to the dentist.

    Regarding Whitney Houston’s death.. bahhahahaha

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