Stumbleupon? Bloggers? Google Adsense?

Today is a mixed bag of things that can’t make up their own post, but that I feel need to be brought to light.

1. Stumbleupon

Seriously, what the fuck just happened? About a month or so ago, I added the blog to this Stumbleupon thing that I was checking out. Every once in a while I would add a post if I thought about it, and the other day it took off. People I don’t know are sharing it like crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I love that, but it just seems weird that I’ve been doing this for about five months and in four days a bunch of strangers have shared the blog with more people than my readers have shared in the previous five months. That’s pretty phenomenal if you ask me. Maybe I should check out this Pinterest thing to see if it will take off on there too. On the downside, none of the people that are checking it out are subscribing or joining the Facebook page, so I guess it wasn’t good enough for that, but I think it’s awesome that they are giving it a thumbs up anyhow. It’s enough of a boost that I probably won’t need to cut myself for a few days at least.

To all of you who do share and promote the blog, I thank you from the cockles of my heart. It really does mean the world to me, and you should know how much I appreciate your support and feedback.


All I can say is stay away from that piece of shit. I joined it because I noticed a couple of other bloggers that I like on it, but after I joined, I realized it was some sort of poorly run, scabby site. They don’t even have good command of the english language, and there isn’t a way to unsubscribe from it. Well, there wasn’t until I sent them a feedback. I guess if you tell them to suck your asshole, and fuck their mothers, they will make it quite easy to cancel your membership. As soon as I joined it, I was getting friend requests from people who don’t even speak english, and they were telling me to like their blog and they would like mine. I checked some of them out and they sucked so bad. I then went to see who the “best bloggers in the world” were, and the number one was not The Bloggess, or anyone I had heard of, it was Heels and Horses.

Now I’m not here to tear down another person’s work, but fuck off. The best blog in the world? I don’t think so. It’s a bit of a closed market I’d say, when you are limiting yourself to talking about your dogs, your clothes and your horses. How many pairs of fucking cowboy boots do you have? Who gives a shit? Not me. I don’t think there was more than 10 comments on a single post that I saw, but I guess that doesn’t mean anything. If you go to Youngman Brown or Tanis The Redneck Mommy (which I have been neglecting lately 🙁 ) I think you’ll find that they will entertain you a hell of a lot more than the horse loving fashionista.


I actually felt bad about writing that last paragraph because that girl put her time and effort into something she loves, just as I’m doing now, and I basically shit on her. I want to say that if you like cowgirl related fashion blogs, this is probably a good place to stop, but I highly doubt that it’s even the best blog of it’s type. I mean really, does anyone want some Ugg style boots with huge fucking crosses on them?

I’m sure they are very comfy, but for $430 at I think I’ll pass.

Jesus, there I go again. Okay, I might as well admit that I hate that blog. I really shouldn’t, but I do. It’s probably because I think all of the fashion shit is tacky, or that there are too many crosses, but whatever it is, I felt I had to come on here and be mean about it. I’ll bet she is a really nice girl, who has the best intentions, but I don’t even care. I am just mad that she got the best blog in the world, by a phony ass site that is promoting other bloggers by getting them to “follow” each other. One guy told me that he loved my blog, and if I’d send him the URL, he would follow it. Oh wait, only if I followed his. I’d like to point out that if he had indeed read and loved my blog, he would already have the URL, and should have just followed it. I like a few blogs, and I get an email when they post a new post, because I am eager to see what they are going to write next. Not because I feel obligated to follow them because they follow me. I actually don’t think that any of them do follow me by email, but who cares? They don’t have to. If someone truly likes our blog enough to want an email after every post is made, I’m truly grateful and humbled. If they want to just turn on their computer at six o’clock in the morning and read it because that’s when the daily post goes up, that’s great too. Maybe they think that I’m an arrogant blowhard, that doesn’t deserve to be writing a blog? I guess those people are right too. It’s like Howard Stern, or Tucker Max to me. I personally can’t stand those guys. I really can’t. Do you know what I do about it? I don’t listen to Stern, or read Tucker Max. I guess he has a website, but after reading some of his book, I found myself getting so pissed off, that I decided I wouldn’t even look at it. I’m not going to give him that extra hit? I already know that he’s a fucking reprobate, so why even bother?

3. Google Adsense

The douches cancelled my account because of invalid activity. They won’t say what it was, but oh well. I didn’t have the money anyhow, so I guess I won’t miss it. I understand if there was some extra clicking, but I would think that they should have to give you something. They said that they could tell what was valid, or not, and that they would correct it at the end of the month, but then they just cancelled it and withheld all funds so that they could return it to the advertisers. I guess we just have to trust that they made sure that the sponsors got their cash back. Anyhow, thanks for the support that I did get. I really appreciate it.

4. Paul passing away

You guys were so good through the whole thing, and I felt like I had a huge support system that really had no end. It means a lot to me, and my family, to see all of the messages of condolence and sympathy, and we thank you for it. There were too many to send out individual thank you notes, so I figured one blanket thank you was okay.


We are all doing okay, and will get better as the days go by. They say that time heals all wounds, and I suppose that other than deep gashes on your femoral artery or jugular, they are probably right.

Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy,


5 thoughts on “Stumbleupon? Bloggers? Google Adsense?

  1. I look forward to your blog everyday!! I subscribe by e mail because I like getting home from work and finding something from there. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. I think YOU are the best blogger in the world!!

    Well, except for me. I think I’m pretty good. too.

    And Mrs. Birdman. I like her blogs too.

    Then there is Chin.

    And Alice.

    MMMMM Ok. Maybe you are in the top 10 of the best bloggers in the world.

    But I still love it!!

    You can follow mine at

    • I want to thank you for ranking me on your ladder, but I don’t want my head to swell any more than it already is. I am sorry about not mentioning your blog, but I thought you had given up on it, seeing as there hasn’t been a post in over a week. I was going to put 3 weeks in there, but went back and checked, only to find that I had missed one.;) I’m still in the dark on whether or not your apartment got cleaned though, so if you could give us an update, that would be awesome.

  2. Yea I signed up for Bloggers last week, and have had the same experience. I got a shit-ton of emails at first, saying that all of these people were following me. I thought, “Okay, cool. This Bloggers thing is gonna get me a ton of traffic.” Then I discovered their true intention — to get a follow back.

    This is cool and all, but they are just trying to get numbers. I could care less about followers, I just want readers. People who actually read what I write and care about it.

    I might close down my account, too. First, I’ll explore the site some more to see if it has redeeming qualities.

    Glad you are doing well, and thanks for the shout-out.

    • I totally hear you about the readers, and I think that’s what you have. I know we enjoy reading about what’s happening, or has happened in your life. I really like your style, and how you don’t bore me with inane banter, like I do most of the time. As for Bloggers, I couldn’t find a way to close my account, but if you send them a note like you do to idiot poker players as demonstrated in your Asterisks post, you will probably end up on the street with me. The good thing is that your readers will be right there with you, and if mine had a brain in their head, they’d be right there too. Cheers

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