Sosua – Oh yeah, and happy Valentines Day

So we dragged our asses out of bed by around nine, met up with everyone at breakfast, and decided we’d try our hands at the dune buggies. We went to the beach to meet up with our guy, Martin, to get hooked up for a cheapy-cheapy good deal on the super buggies (pronounced soopair boogies). What the hell, it’s easier to just show you how to say it.

Martin said he could do that, and his buddy Francisco made it happen for Monday.

But today is Sunday, and we had nothing to do, so Gadget, Penny, Mrs. B, and I grabbed a cab going to Sosua. Francisco got his friend Fabio to pick us up, and he was awesome. We hit the beach and did all kinds of cool shit, but I’m not telling you about it now. We want to brief you, but we are saving the stories for when we can put up photos as well. Now if you don’t mind, the new cocoon is calling us. Sorry about the shortness, but we are packing the days and nights kind of full.

Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today,


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