Sooooo, I met one of our loyal readers for a coffee

Well, we didn’t actually have a coffee, but that was the original plan. Unfortunately the Village Cafe in Grafton, wasn’t open, because of renovations. When Scotty told me he lived close by, I figured we could meet there; Joey, Mrs. Birdman and I love their breakfast, and I think Tim Hortons has enough of the public’s money, so why not give it to a hardworking family? When Scotty stepped out of the car, I was glad I hadn’t come looking for him the day I jokingly said I was going to punch him in the lips. I probably couldn’t reach his lips, unless I had a step stool and a longer arm; that guy is fucking monolithic. When I suggested we then head to Colborne, he told me he had found out his mother was getting out of the hospital, so he had to head to the city and pick her up. He promised that we’d get together though, so all is well with that. I guess they found that she has an infection, and are going to keep her a little longer, to make sure she gets rid of it, so we’re hoping she gets home soon. Although we aren’t hypocritical enough to pray, we are sending many positive vibes her way, and wishing her the speediest of recoveries.

Now for something we haven’t tried before.

The Mrs and I have been tossing around the idea of introducing our cocoon via video-blog.  The cocoon is a sacred place of fun and love, and one of our most favorite places in the world.  It seemed only natural that it would make an appearance on the blog eventually.  We aren’t sure how this is going to fly, but we thought we would let ‘er rip, and sort things out after the dust settles.  Without further adieu, I give to you, Dear Reader, our first

Cocoon-Cast #1

If you’re after getting the honey – hey

Then you don’t go killing all the bees,


P.S. It’s true that I left a warm bed with a naked woman in it to have coffee with a dude, but let’s be fair it was after 9 and I was a little dehydrated.

16 thoughts on “Sooooo, I met one of our loyal readers for a coffee

    • I’m sorry bro, I totally forgot about your affliction. Remember that the doctor said to always take your meds and keep positive when dealing with people in bed. It isn’t anyone else’s fault that your first job was being a houseboy to a pair of sextagenarian hedonists. Love is beautiful, no matter who it’s between.

  1. couple things, about your cocoon-cast comments!
    do you want us to comment on EVERY one of your blogs? I have no problem expelling my opinions about everything and anything! Everyone else probably prefers i don’t, but what the heck, I will!
    I like the change up to video blog – its different! I don’t want you to do it every day, I think your minds open up more when its written (or typed) words!
    Fantastic every way you wanna do it! I’m hooked now, can’t stop no matter what you do! DAMMIT…. CAN”T…..STOP……..COMMENTING………!
    No C-word today.
    keep on keeping on!

  2. LOved it…almost felt like i was right there with you (3some….) so kidding… two are the definition of true love, its so great to know that it still does exist and that it can be found or in my case found again….:)
    P.S. is your big guy coffee date single…..hey cant hurt to ask…;)

    • No, he’s another one that’s found his true love. Sorry, but thanks for acknowledging our beautiful, symbiotic union. You will find yours again, you just can’t be looking for it. 😉

  3. Sweet!

    All that was missing was the suggestive cheesy background music: bowchicabowwowchicawowwow….bowchicawowwow…

    The suggestive giggling was cool; sounded almost like foreplay; maybe it was…. Such a pretty lady too, Mrs. Birdman.

    Yes, Krissy, I’ve found my true love, soul mate and best friend. Its been 22 years now. Thanks for asking!

    I’ve been called many things, but monolithic is a first. Thanks (I think?) Birdman.

    P.S. – Thanks for the get well wishes. They’re appreciated for sure.

    • Everything is foreplay in the cocoon. It’s also afterplay and presentplay. I was using monolithic as “carved from a large, single piece of rock.”, so yes, it’s a good thing.

  4. Not quite sure what just happened there. I already made my point. Double posting not intended.
    Oops I did it again,
    The BM’s BM

  5. LOVE the shout out!! I love you guys too!! Well, except for Birdman’s nudity or suggestion of it. Ewww. Boy cooties.
    (Still love ya Birdman!)

    I love the blog whether typed or video. I love seeing the smile on Birdman’s face and knowing that such a beautiful woman put it there. I just know the two of you will continue to make each other laugh and smile forever and ever.

    I look forward to reading it everyday. EVERYDAY!! I can hardly wait to get home from work so I can read it. It’s my pre dinner fix. My smile after a rough day. The salve for my cracked soul.

    (Is that enough positive for today? If not, I got more.)

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