Someone Was Wrong On The Internet


It’s something that Mrs Birdman dedicated to me one day. A cartoon. Apparently it’s my thing.

I can't help it. It's a sickness.

I can’t help it. It’s a sickness.

Anyhow, because it is so sweltering hot at my desk, I postponed finishing the Darien Lake post to do this, because it will be much quicker. It’s basically just a cutout of Ed’s Facebook status and the ensuing argument, but my wife thought it would make a good post, and I want to get into our air conditioned bedroom soon, so I said “What the hell? I’ll try anything twice.”

Anyhow, here it is in all of it’s glory.

Long, huh?

Long, huh?

I had to look up TLDR again, but I soon remembered someone else writing that on another argument I was in. I guess it’s a popular response to nerds. My baby sent me this excerpt from Wikipedia, when I asked her about it:

Maintain civility[edit]

Sometimes a person might feel that a reader’s decision to pointedly mention this essay during a discussion is dismissive and rude. Therefore, courteous editors might, as an alternative to citing WP:TLDR, create a section on the longwinded editor’stalk page and politely ask them to write more concisely.

A common mis-citation of this essay is to ignore the reasoned and actually quite clear arguments and requests for response presented by an unnecessarily wordy editor with a flippant “TL;DR” in an attempt to discredit and refuse to address their strongly-presented ideas and/or their criticism of one’s own position. This is a four-fold fallacyad hominemappeal to ridiculethought-terminating cliché, and simple failure to actually engage in the debate because one is supposedly too pressed for time to bother, the inverted version of proof by verbosity.

Lastly, shear laziness or excessively concise may miss an important set of details necessary to include a well branched entry despite lacking the requisite patience. [8].

Well, that’s it for tonight. I hope we get some rain soon to cool things off around here. I hear the crops could use it too. I will try to get something done around here soon.

So you think your schooling is phoney, I guess it’s hard not to agree, you say it all depends on the money and who is in your family tree,



8 thoughts on “Someone Was Wrong On The Internet

  1. Although I like it best when you come to bed, I love it when you present numerous, well-thought-out arguments to people who enjoy being Authorities Of Important Information on the interwebs. You should know, however compelling your argument, they will usually respond with a cleverly disguised version of sticking their fingers in their ears and singing: ‘I can’t HEAR youuuuuuu!!!’

    You are my favorite Internet crusader. <3 🙂

  2. Some folks make it so easy. Why do trolls insist on going into a battle of wits unarmed? Good on ya Birdy for callin’ this shitrat out!

  3. I like how he said that people’s true colors come out during a controversial news story. That would certainly be true in his case at the very least. He might normally be “okay” as you suggested in a previous comment, but his argument makes him seem like a typical douche cop, a racist piece of shit, and a morally depleted asshole. Saying all of which makes me a name-calling bitch, but I’m okay with that, because I own my faults.

    This whole case makes me angry because it never even occurred to me that anyone would WANT to defend Z’s actions. People I know and sometimes even like are on his side. True colors, indeed.

    My list of friends grows smaller and smaller. I don’t want to hang out with people who are okay with being shitty toward others. Maybe that makes me overly picky, or an elitist snob. I’ve been told that I am too harsh and that my standards are way too high and that’s why I don’t like anybody. What is so difficult about the standard “DON’T BE A DICK”? I mean, that’s what almost everything comes down to. Racism, sexism, capitalism… most of the shit we argue about in this world are about the right to be a dick toward others. I’d rather be a lonely hermit than EVER compromise my values by saying even once that it’s okay to be a dick.

    My mom likes to say, “People are just people, and people are more than just one thing.” Which sounds nice… until I remember that she’s a Tea Partier and then I recall that people don’t have to be JUST people; we can choose to be better than mere apes. And even if you are a MILLION things, don’t let one of those things be a dick.

    {*ends rant*}

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