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I just figured that for today I’d ramble a bit, and share some things from around the internet, and also from around my brain. One thing that Kari shared on FB was a lovely little web page that I learned a thing from. I have been using its and it’s incorrectly all my life. I figured if I didn’t know everything, then there is probably at least one more person who could learn something from this. It’s called Learn Your Damn Homophones. Check it out, it’s well worth the four minutes it will take to read it, and it will make you not seem so foolish when you write things down on the world wide web. Thanks Kari, enjoy you’re retirement from that place you worked. If you need a job that don’t pay anything write now, we could use a internet post grammatical correction blog righter. You know where to find us.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned the fact that I bought a book on better blogging and it sucked for me. I tried doing what it said, and figured that was worse than having no readers. For example it says that I should read other bloggers posts and be the first to comment on them. I should then leave some witty little bon mots and my blog address to try and entice that blogger’s readership to come and check out my blog. I should do this with as many blogs as I can, as long as they have a huge reader base. Fuck, like I’ve got the energy and mental capacity for that cheap shit. That’s way too much time for me, seeing as I am constantly scrambling for enough of a subject for my own blog, let alone giving these other guys all my good comments. There is also the time constraints; between the cocoon, work and blogging, I don’t have much to spare. I also think it’s pretty cheesy to have to go around pandering to strangers for readers. I’ll pander to the people I know for shares if I get too depressed. (That was a hint to share my posts with your friends, and force them to share as well.)

The book also mentioned that I should do SEO. That’s search engine optimization, for the people who, like me, don’t understand the web lingo. I guess I should try to understand it better, but it’s pretty daunting, and like I said, I haven’t got much time. I looked around at other blogs, and there weren’t too many that do what we are doing, so I figured that we’d have to go it on our own merit and wit to try and do this our way. I was looking at some things we could do to increase readers on our own, and if you throw in a few references to big news stories of the day, you will get a lot of google hits, but it isn’t going to make sense when people read a post about Lindsay Lohan having Justin Bieber’s baby, or Russell Brand divorcing Katy Perry all mixed up with my belief about religion rotting the already weakened mind of today’s society, and the odd way that my farts smell like Lysol and sour milk after I drink MGD and Sambuca.

I guess there are just some things that I can’t bring myself to do, so I’ll have to struggle along with the rest of you and try to make my way with relative honesty and as much integrity as I can muster. Another weird thing I noticed, was that some bloggers are paying other bloggers to promote their blogs, and I think that’s wrong. Especially since they are spending their own money to do it, and don’t gain any revenue from their blog. I could see if it’s profitable, but really, unless you are making money at it, how can you justify paying someone to get you more readers? I guess I shouldn’t say it’s wrong, because maybe they just have extra cash to spend, but it sure doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. If these ads pay off, then I guess I’d have to spend the money on something, or pay taxes on it, so then it would make sense to advertise, but… This brings me to my next topic…

Does Magnum's moustache smell like pussy, or does pussy smell like Magnum's moustache? (A tweet by @SarahKSilverman)

Next year Change The Topic is going to have a Movember team, and I’d like to thank My SIL Katie for that inspiration. So far we have her and I on the team, and she got me a bunch of fake ‘stashes for the Mo Sistas that take up arms with us. We are going to start taking applications for other team members in the new year, and thanks to Seth for the idea, we’re going to get rid of some of the extra ad money, if there is any, by donating it to the Movember team. I’m thinking we could maybe start a Relay For Life team as well, but we shall have to look into that or possibly some other charities. Maybe we won’t even make enough to get our shoes shined, but a guy can dream, right?

I don't want to live in a world where I can't afford a shoe shine.

Anyhow, I’m going to share this post by someone I don’t really like as a blogger, but there are so many good things in this list, that it outweighs the Lord.  It’s called 50 rules for dads of daughters. Pick through it; take what you need, and toss the rest. I may just like it because of my situation, but I’m pretty sure it is a universally liked blog post.

I’ll also throw up a post by another blogger that I do like, well most of his stuff anyhow, and I think it’s one of his funnier ones. I mainly like it because it’s something that has, and will happen again, to me. Well, not to that extent, but pretty damn close. It’s from DJP and I think you will find it quite hilarious. It’s called Everyone Poops (Their Pants At Age 26).

Throw out them LA papers, and that moldy box of vanilla wafers,


7 thoughts on “Some things that you should see

  1. I actually lose money whilst reading your blog as it distracts me from my business….
    But that’s good, ’cause if I didn’t read your blog I’d probably go blind from looking at porn and still be losing money as well as my eyesight.

    I just bought some mustache wax for next years Movember.
    Well, it’s actually anal hair remover, but I thought I’d try and get my money’s worth out of it – especially if we’re all going to be sporting some of those leather chaps as shown above ( which may be a little chilly that time of year ).

    Blog away my friend and do it the way you want to and the fame and fortune will come naturally….INSERT YOUR DEFINITION OF FAME AND
    FORTUNE HERE ___________ .

    Not to burst any Man Dream Bubble of Magnum, but his mustache smells like Jonathan Quayle Higgins III

    Thanks again for the read – all my best.

    • Brad Rose, what can I say, but to mention that you are usually a joy to interact with. I look forward to seeing your anal hair styled to perfection, and your lip hair pulled out by the roots. I hope that the new year brings you a wealth of happiness, and closer to your dreams of pulling a plow. I hope that I can get in to consult with you in the spring as well, about some of the different coaching tips that you offer. I may not have time to read everything that you post, but I’ve read some, and admit that I’m a bit intrigued. Oh, and I am not going to dignify your Magnum comment with a response.

  2. Not only will it be styled, but colored as well for the full Billy Idol look…

    I forgot to mention that Jonathan Quayle Higgins III’s mustache smells like Zeus, Apollo, pipe smoke and peanut butter….

    Be with the ones you live the most this evening and ring in the apocalypse, I mean New Year!


  3. Oh, the mustache wax is for the twisted up handle-bar style snot catcher….But I’m take pleasure in your thought of pulling it out by the roots…

    And what’s this ” usually a joy to interact with ” stuff…?
    Usually ?
    Not all the time…?

    I need to refine my approach on things…


  4. Huh. Somehow, I missed this one, and didn’t find it until I was doing a search for the post that has all the searches that lead people to CTC…

    So, belatedly, thanks for the mention. Thanks for the accidentally-on-purpose-typos, too. They made my eyes bleed (but I still don’t think you need me to edit for grammar). 😉

    • I had forgotten about this post. I can’t stand that guy’s blog any more. He’s a total cock knocker. If you ever see me charging smaller blogs to put them on my site, smash my balls. Ooooh, I feel a new post brewing.

      • Always glad to be a muse. And I’ll remember the ball thing. Could come in handy when we’re trying to think of a good wedding present…

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