So The Selling Out Begins

If any of you have read the Disclosure Page, you will understand what tomorrow’s post is all about. I’m a whore, but I’m a whore that wants to sponsor a hockey jersey for one of my old friends, and a huge supporter of the blog. She has assured me that she will lead the league in penalties and assissts, and she will wear the jersey on her webcam adult site.

She’s in there somewhere. I haven’t got my glasses on.

Wicked, right? Well it would be, but she doesn’t have a site, much to everyone’s chagrin. She is a hell of a dedicated hockey player though, and her team travels all over the place to go in tournaments. That means lots of exposure, doesn’t it? I think so, and it gives them some cash for all of their travelling around, so everybody wins.

I say that it’s a win-win, but the fact remains that I need the blog to cover the costs, and an easy way to do that is to whore myself out to sponsors. It’s kind of weird, but I get approached by some pretty strange parties to write up something for their sites. They don’t want a post about their stuff, no reviews or anything. They just want you to write a post about their particular topic and then put their link in the post somewhere. You’ll see it if you look tomorrow.

I figure I’m a clever fellow, so I could write about pretty well anything and throw a link in. If it pays for a little advertising and promotional work, that would be okay by me. I figure that not including time, we have about $3-$400 into the blog now. It’s not about the money, really it isn’t, but it would be nice if it could carry it’s own weight. Unless you guys want to start clicking on the donate button…*crickets*, I guess I’ll be douching it up for $20-$40 a pop.

If the advertising works on a couple of other sites, the traffic will go up, and that will apparently make the price go up. Then I could be a hundredaire or something, and buy some nice rims for the goblin when I ever get it fixed.

I’m kind of getting into blogging a little deeper than I had ever anticipated. I’m actually going to Blissdom in Toronto this October, and I’m hoping to learn a little bit about how things work. I mostly want to go and mingle, because there is at least one sort-of-blogging hero of mine that will be there.

She has one of the first blogs I’ve ever read, and I still get excited when I see a new post in my Google Reader. Her blog is Attack Of The Redneck Mommy, and it’s wonderful. I highly recommend it.

Anyhow, that’s it for tonight. I just wanted to explain everything to you, because I didn’t want you to think I was pulling the wool over your eyes. I want to be as honest as possible, because I’ve seen what kind of bullshit can happen when you aren’t. Also, I don’t like it when bloggers are less than honest with me.

I love them whores they never judge you, what can you say when your a whore?,


12 thoughts on “So The Selling Out Begins

    • If by “tons”, you mean hundreds, then okay. 😉 As for helping, I need you to meet up with Smarty in Corning, NY. He’s going to give you a package that needs to go to Atlantic City. Seeing as you know the area, we will need you to take it. When you’re done, you will be given $9000 for your troubles. Bring a gun.

    • I may have been joking about the website. But you can help by raising awareness of top quality adult sites. Maybe start with heavy research.

  1. A hundredaire, you say? I knew that sweet Internet gold was out there somewhere. I hope it works out for you. As for us, well, I guess Brandon will just have to keep selling those $8 hand jobs.

  2. Redneck Mommy is Canadian? Which part(s) of Canada are considered “redneck?” Here in the states, we have the south, plus I’m sure each state has its own redneck area.

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