Saturday, Movember 5th, whatever shall I write about today

You may have figured out that I get lazy on the weekends, yes even lazier than usual, so I don’t really care about having something written, or even thought about the day before. I guess I can write about Tim Minchin and David Allan Coe for a little bit. Tim Minchin is a comedian, pianist and songwriter that we found out about while cocooning last night. One of Mrs. Birdman’s FB friends had posted a video of his, and then we just needed more. I guess we watched half a dozen of them and five of them were hilarious. His songwriting style is very unique and clever, which makes the comedy aspect even wittier. I am constantly amazed at the talent some people possess. It’s one thing to be very funny, smart and clever, which often go hand in hand, but to add in the ability to turn that into a song, and play the piano so well just boggles my mind. He has impeccable timing and delivery and makes it a joy to watch. If any of you like funny shit, I recommend you check him out on Youtube. For those of you who are apathetic, and can’t be bothered to go to all that trouble, here is a link to a couple videos you can watch.

Or this one


As you can see, he’s a very talented dude, and I hope North America will be all over his shit soon. Maybe they already are, but I haven’t seen anyone posting on Facebook until last night, so quit keeping this shit to yourselves if you already know about it. On the other hand, if there is someone you think is very funny, but hasn’t hit the mainstream, let us know about it. We like to laugh, and we can let another 25-30 people know about it. Now onto our next paragraph and subject.

David Allan Coe is a despicable piece of dogshit, and I know this. He is also one of the most talented singer/songwriters I know of. I really wish he wasn’t, and I know he had a hard life when he was young, and has fought society every step of the way, but I still can’t get by the complete lack of couth this guy has. That being said, I’m not trying to glorify or condone his antics, beliefs or way of life, I find them all disgusting and ignorant. I’m just in awe of the way talent is distributed. It doesn’t matter if you are born rich or poor, liberal or conservative, black or white, it just happens to some people. I am going to put up a couple of my favourite DAC songs for you to enjoy. After they are done, if you don’t already know about him, do some research on the internet and find out about his upbringing, deviations, and general absence of respect for anyone. I wonder why this guy is still alive, let alone sitting on a multitude of hit songs that have been covered by so many different artists over the years. I should mention that there is some use of the “N” word in these songs, and I don’t approve of that, but the song was written in a different time and place, and I don’t think it takes away from the quality of the songwriting.


As you can see, whether you like country or not, he has been given, or cultivated a great talent, especially for the upbringing that he had. I’d like to think that the shit he pulls, and his attitude is a show to get publicity, but I’m pretty sure he’s just a redneck, and is quite happy in that role.

Oh right, Movember 5th

Nice 'stache. NOT. (This comment is courtesy of Mrs. B)

and a closer look:

Someone needs to google 'Barbershop Tutorials'

If you didn’t already guess it, Mrs. Birdman was in charge of the Movember part of today’s post. She also thought you all should know about Tim Minchin, so thank her heartily the next time you see her.

I almost forgot, CLICK HERE

I have loved you like a baby,


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