SANT0RI 002 – The Awakening

So I shared the original post with SANT0RI yesterday…


I had actually wrote most of it before, but I did finish it on Valentine’s Day. I’m not much for holidays and had to work, so we went out for dinner the night before. I’m glad that I made your day. Everyone deserves to have some happiness in their lives.


You are right. I did screenshot it while I was taking a break from snaking out the clogged drain. It was pretty gross, so I thought I would let it mellow a little. I wish I was working more and could afford a plumber, but alas, I am poor.

You should go back in your screenshots. You will find a few other occasions that you call me “pee wee hearman”.

I suppose that I should set a goal of getting you to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your comm posts. Nobody’s perfect, but if you try, you will find that a little bit of effort and proofreading will go a long way in any online harassment.

On a more positive note:


I had forgotten about medals, it’s been so long since I got one. It was all legal, too. I have been walking around a fair bit. Going for my Translator next I think.

2 thoughts on “SANT0RI 002 – The Awakening

  1. You’re coming off as cool dork I’d like to have a beer with. San-weenie is coming off as a complete and utter asshat. The sad spelling & grammar make the whole thing pretty fucking perfect.

    PS. We don’t do Valentines Day much, either. The hubz had to work as we, too, are po’ folk. He usually waits till a week after the holiday and brings me like 5 boxes of discounted chocolate samplers. I think in the long run I’m winning if you consider that wives in supposedly-romantic marriages typically only get one. Clearly my husband loves me more than theirs loves them. And if you don’t think chocolate is a good measurement of affection I’d like to invite you to fuck off, LOL!

    PPS. The radar thing was finally able to locate me deep in the cornfields of Ohio… once my husband turned on my location thing. Guess the satellites don’t have ESP which is a fucking shame, honestly.

    • We really enjoy any discount candy, but chocolate is probably the most coveted for sure. Let me know when you and Hubz are heading up the Alaska Highway and we will arrange that beer. I would wait for summer if I were you, as the days are long and beautiful.

      Oh, and I don’t expect satellites to have ESP, but these so called “smartphones” definitely should.

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