Remember The Good Old Days?


When I would do stream of consciousness posts all the time? I was writing every day, and seemingly had enough to say that I could keep on going forever. I probably should keep on doing that, because now that I’ve slowed down to a few times a week, I’ve gotten lazy. Not the good lazy, where you lay on the couch and eat Munchos while scratching your crotch lovingly with your whole hand, but the kind where you rack your brain for shit to write about while playing Pirates on G+ and look for funny shit to put on the FB page. Which, by the way has almost 900 peeps now. (Thanks, Mo)

Yeah, I know it's not much to most people, but I'm pretty proud of it.

Yeah, I know it’s not much to most people, but I’m pretty proud of it.

I need to get back to the way shit was. I’ve become complacent in my belief that blogging is exhausting. It’s maybe exhausting when you can’t think of something to write about, but when you just write, things just seem to end up on the page. Crazy, huh?

One thing that’s been bugging me lately is the Sun Media posts that keep ending up in my feed. Canada’s answer to Fox News, is all it is. I’m so sick of partisan news media that it makes me want to stand on my own nuts. Why does there have to be a spin on everything?

“These Indians are breaking the law, and they should be prosecuted for it. If it was white protesters they’d all be in jail right now.”

Smarten the fuck up. They would not be in jail. They would get a slap on the wrist and be forcibly removed.

I’m not siding with anyone right now, because I can’t see into the hearts of the people involved, but I know that the natives have some very viable points that far outweigh the corruption in their bands and how their money is spent. Their concerns about the loss of control on over 90% of our waterways is something that affects us all. Not just in Canada, but around the world.

Now the municipalities will be the ones to approve projects, such as dams and bridges, on waterways in their jurisdiction. Kind of a conflict of interest, isn’t it? Letting the people who want to build a bridge decide whether or not it’s a good idea.

What about the costs that these municipalities are going to incur from hiring consulting firms to assess these projects? Don’t you think that will get a bit expensive? Who eats that?

There are so many shady things in Bill C-45 that make me so mad that I can’t begin to name them. They just stuck all kinds of shit in one bill, and quietly shoved it down our throats. There should be a law against omnibus bills, because it’s too easy for those greasy cocksuckers to slide their backroom agendas through with a bunch of other laws and amendments that might make sense.

No wonder the First Nations are fucking pissed, but is a hunger strike the answer?

I don’t think so, but it’s got lots of attention. Sadly it has brought the attention to some pretty fucked up band politics as well. The reason I think this is bad, is because it gives douchebags like Ezra Levant ammunition to arm their right wing, don’ttakemyshitawayfrommeorchangemyworld army of bigots and mindless, fucking drones. These people are just looking for a reason to tear indigenous people a new asshole, and they are getting one.

You tell 'em, buddy.

It was there, and I love it. Don’t judge me.

“Don’t give those _________ money, because there just wasting what we give em on paying their bigwigs huge salaries. And they don’t even pay tax”

Yeah. I didn’t say it was pretty. It’s not, and the sad part is that a lot of it is true. There are some chiefs of some reserves that are making more than the Prime Minister. I know they have a lot of shit to deal with, but he is the (ineffective) leader of our country. You can’t tell me that you need to make over $200000 to run a band of 400 people, because you don’t, and that’s just one salary. There are a bunch of councilors that make six figures as well, to help keep the 400 people in line.

That’s pretty shocking, I think.

While I agree that shit needs to be reformed on all fronts when it comes to our tax money going to any community, that isn’t the issue here. The treatment of our native people is.

Obviously things are bad or they wouldn’t have escalated to where we are today. Threats of violence erupting all over the place, people feeling that they are out of options. This needs to stop, and now. Let’s talk. Like rational human beings. I know a lot of natives, and they are lazy and apathetic, just like us white people. it must be pretty bad when my pothead buddies are motivated enough to hitch rides to wherever the nearest protest is. None of my white friends would ever leave the comfort of their couch in the winter. Especially to protest something the government is doing.

That’s how I know that this is important.

Sure I think we need more accountability on reserves. I think it should be the same as any other community. The public should know how much peeps are getting paid. To the penny. I know how much our mayor makes. It’s $22,000, unless he got a raise last year. That’s to look after a township of over 6000 people. Pretty hard to support a family on that, but it’s not a full time job either.

So let’s look at what is wrong, and try to fix it. One thing at a time. We can’t right our past, but we can try to make the best possible future. For all Canadians. Regardless.

Took away our native tongue, and taught their English to our young,


14 thoughts on “Remember The Good Old Days?

  1. I just realized that I know nothing about Canada. I barely know anything about the United States, but my awareness of what is happening in Canada is quite pathetic.

    I really like your social media bar at the bottom. I might look into changing mine, because my buttons are too big.

    Happy birthday!

  2. I just recently abandoned one blog to start another. This time I pay no attention to the Monday, Wednesday, Friday rule. I blog when I have something to say. Sometimes that might even be twice in one day.

    Nobody ever should determine their stance on a political issue from one newspaper article. Or one newspaper. There are so many nuances to this situation that need to be considered. The chief who steals money from his people instead of putting it into improvements for his community is wrong. But his wrong doesn’t automatically make the politicians right.

  3. Well done Chris.
    That Sun is a pretty sad excuse for a newspaper. Every time I Google some news , up it comes with that and the National Post. Must be other Newspapers out there?

  4. You are so smart! I am not kidding. You took a topic that was confusing to me and helped me understand it. I may not have an opinion yet, but at least I have an understanding of it now.

    By the way,


    No imagine that very loud and very off key. You have just recieved my standard Happy birthday greeting.

    Love ya big guy

  5. Hey Mr. Birdman! I do take exception to your blanket statement that “none of my white friends would ever leave the comfort of their couch in the winter”. I most certainly would….but I think you already know that.

    Excellent blog, my friend. Idle No More.

  6. It’s been a while since I have commented on here….

    Birdman – you are brilliant.

    I saw it from day one and still believe in you to this very day.

    Keep keeping it real…

  7. You’re right about Sun media, but I fear that unbiased journalism has gone the way of the dodo. I support the Idle No More movement because they are the only ones who are bringing Bill C-45 under public scrutiny. However Indian politics have high-jacked the message and pushed peoples personal agendas into the media spotlight. The media is all to happy to portray the angry, greedy Indian for ratings and the government is all to happy to stay silent and let it happen because it deflects the attention away from their shitty, less than transparent behaviour.
    I find it maddening the outrage that is directed towards Indian governments that do the exact same thing as our own elected officials do. Pad their pockets with taxpayers money and offer patronage appointments to family and business associates so they in turn can get rich. I would say that the colonial system that we imposed upon the First Nations of this country has really taken root with them. You can’t demand reform from them but not from the system they emulate. That is the definition of hypocrisy.
    Clean your own fucking house before you come into mine with the white gloves.
    Reform is needed EVERYWHERE.

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