Prison 2.0

Now, I realize that people are going to flip out about this, because they have bleeding hearts and they feel that justice should be served by Karma or God, but hear me out on this little idea of mine before you completely discount it.

Say you have a complete scumbag like Paul Bernardo or his pig of an ex-wife Karla Homolka. (Please click those links if you are unaware of their criminal activities)You have video evidence of the completely horrendous crimes that they have committed involving those defenseless young girls, so that there is no question of their guilt. Say that you have them in prison and they are eating up valuable resources that could be used elsewhere in our great nation, and say that your country is slowly being overrun by criminals, and you don’t like the ever increasing crime rates. What do you do? Do you hire more police to fight the surge in criminal activity, or do you try to combat it at the base level by teaching the children all of the consequences of evil-doings? How long will that take, and how much does it cost?

Let’s take the city of Toronto for example. Their gross annual funding for 2004 was  $707,573,000. Now jump ahead to 2010 where the figures climbed to $956,218,000. That’s a pretty big jump if you ask me, and that was all paid by the City of Toronto from their citizen’s taxes. That’s almost a billion dollars that had to be forked out for policing, and there is still a ton of crime in Toronto. If you’re wondering how to measure a ton of crime, you need to take all of the crimes that were committed, write them down on paper, and throw it on the scale. Actually, I guess it would be in metric, so it should read  “a tonne of crime”.

Can you imagine how much you would save off of the yearly funding if people were afraid to commit a crime. Let’s examine the way I think it could work.

Do you remember when I asked if we should teach children the consequences of criminal activity? Of course you do. Well, unless you have a severe memory problem, in which case I recommend you take up a hobby that isn’t reading, because you will not reap the benefits if you can’t remember what you have just read. Anyhow, I think we can scrap the “teaching children the consequences” part, because there really aren’t too many right now. My proposal is this. To increase the punishments that are meted out to these heinous individuals severely.

When I say severely, I don’t mean the death penalty. No, I’m talking about something far more brutal and barbaric than that. Something that when I explain it to most people, they cringe and tell me that you can’t do that to people.

Imagine that once a month, there was an on-line auction for the chance to beat Paul Bernardo within an inch of his life. Would you bid on it? I wouldn’t. I don’t think I’d ever have enough to win that prize. I would sure kick in for Kristen French or Leslie Mahaffey’s family to bid though. I’d start a fund that accepts donations towards their bid, and would make it a personal goal to get them the first kick at the can. I wouldn’t want to watch as justice was served with every blow from a distraught Donna French or Debbie Mahaffy, but I would love to see them exhaust every last ounce of rage and strength built up in the last twenty years on the monster that took their little girls away from them.

You are probably thinking that they would kill him, but there would be a doctor there to stop the beating before he expired. I mean really, getting beat to death means that you can’t get beat to death again, and I think that bastard needs to die a lot more than once to pay for the pain he’s caused so many people.

You are probably thinking that I’m a terribly violent person, and I guess that deep down, I must be, but I don’t believe in fighting anymore, and even when I did, I didn’t use excessive force to hurt people. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t fight to defend my family and friends, but I sure wouldn’t go looking for it to happen. I find myself unable to watch ultra violent scenes from movies, such as the ear cutting scene from “Reservoir Dogs”, or most of the movie “The Last House On The Left”. I only tell you these things to build up my credibility as an emotionally, and mentally stable person, who isn’t just looking for blood and broken bone to slake my thirst for vengeance.

I don’t know how many people would pay money to savagely beat criminals such as this, but I’ll bet it would raise at least a million dollars, and if opened up to the American market, it would go a lot higher than that. I think that the profits should be split evenly between the federal government, and whichever province the convict is incarcerated in. This will alleviate a small portion of the taxes that go to funding our prison systems, and the police forces that bring these deplorable murderers and rapists to justice.

Now you are probably telling yourself and anyone who will listen, that that amount of money is a drop in the bucket, compared to how much it costs us to house and feed these human turds. You would be correct in that assumption, and I applaud you for voicing your beliefs. I have only one thing to say to that. Media. these beating need to be televised, and youtubed, and written about. Yes they will be terrible and vicious, but people will watch, and people will turn away, but they will turn back, and they will remember.

They will remember each time they are in a Walmart parking lot, and see that pretty girl at the back of her minivan, or the teenage girl that’s walking by the lake with no one around. Maybe they have just found out their husband is cheating, and they are planning on evening the score, but then they imagine that it’s them in that padded room, getting their head thudded off of the walls every month. I would remember. If I had thoughts of harming innocent people, I would definitely think twice about it. I don’t believe in God, therefore I’m not too worried about the afterlife, but I sure do believe in this life, and I’d hate to spend it getting my ass handed to me every thirty days.

I know that there are flaws in my design, and I admit that, but you have to agree that what we’re doing right now isn’t working out very well. What I’ve put forth is an idea, and like all ideas, it needs work.  I welcome any comments, good or bad, and I will try to respond cordially.

What we’ve got here is failure to communicate,




10 thoughts on “Prison 2.0

  1. When the evidence is so overwhelming such as this, a good old fashioned hanging would do wonders. Shit rats like these do not deserve the sympathy and considerations that is bestowed upon them.

    • Fair enough. I think that most people wouldn’t, but I’d be willing to look at change. The punishments should be so severe that people don’t ever want to go to prison. I can’t stand the fact that in our country, the inmates are treated better than our senior citizens in the rest homes.

  2. Fuck ’em.
    Too many assholes do crime cause they know they don’t care about the punishment.
    So, fuck’em.
    Fuck ’em all with a big rubber one, grind them up and feed them to the monkeys at the zoo.

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