One Breezy Berino


I got to have a delicious lunch today at Frenchies Deli, and the already delicious food was only heightened by my lunch companion. Yes, I’m talking about the great Jay Berino, of Flying Berino fame. It’s always nice when you get to meet one of your idols, but it’s even better when you realise that you really like them as well.

For those of you that don’t know, I’m talking about the greatest morning show host in the known world, or at least the stations I listen to. Yes, you guessed it, it’s Jay Sharp of The Big Breakfast on 107.9 The Breeze. He seemed like he wanted to leave, but I just kept talking, so he was never given the chance to bolt.

Seriously. All those things are on there... and more!

Seriously. All those things are on there… and more!

Anyhow, Jay has a sort of new blog on the station’s site, and he puts up some of his mischief and mayhem on the pages there. I highly recommend that you check it out, and maybe rub his back for him while you’re browsing around. There are all kinds of shenanigans that he’s posted, and you’ll also catch glimpses of the ravishing Rhianna C. Robins and the magnificent Megan P. Murphy in some very risque video clips.

While we were eating our mouth watering smoked meat sandwiches, we wondered how we could just hang out and make jokes all day, but still make enough money to live. The answer weI came up with, is to beg.

Not beg like the guy who came up to us while we were talking and asked us for a toonie or whatever other money we would just give him, but to beg you, the general public, from the warmth of the office that I share with my beautiful, smart, kind, and funny wife. If you would all send me $10, then I would have $70 to spend on buying Jay lunch, if he ever agrees to have lunch with me again. The best thing about having $70 for lunch is the $40 you have left over to spend on percocets and ketamine.

Just go with me on this one. It's the best I could find.

Just go with me on this one. It’s the best I could find.

The worst part is waking up behind the old arena with your nose and ears frostbitten, and your exposed wiener frozen to the piece of rebar that they’ve spiked the bumper curb down with. You know what I’m talking about. Right?

Anyhow, you can send the $10 to my Paypal account at chrisbird72 (@) gmail dot com. (apparently that is how you keep the spammers away) If you don’t have $10 to send, but you have naked pictures of an ex-girlfriend, I’ll accept those too. I’m trying to get a site going that will actually turn a profit, and apparently jilting an ex makes people happy.

Baking carrot biscuits, every day, baking carrot biscuits, every way,


P.S. Don’t tell Jay about the donation thing. I want to surprise him with the free lunch.


4 thoughts on “One Breezy Berino

  1. I have some pocket lint I could send you.

    And I don’t think you want to see naked pictures of my ex’s. Well. MAybe one of my ex’s but she has sworn to kill me if those pictures ever go public.

  2. My god you have a way with words, Birdie. And I find you very handsome. Thank you for your kind words. I’m very happy to be woven into the fabric of Change the Topic. I’m part of the folklore! Part of the legend! And no one can take that away from me!

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