Oh, Sweet Satan

That’s apparently what Jay-Z, MTV, and every Freemason in the world is saying. Seriously. They are all a satan worshipping cult according to Christopher Hudson, aka TheForeRunner777.

When I decided to do a blog post on that fucking puke kid from Two and a Half Men, I honestly wasn’t expecting to reach a level of crazy that far surpassed Charlie Sheen, but here we are.

So, Angus T. Jones went on record saying that people shouldn’t watch Two and a Half Men because it’s “filth”, and Kathy tweeted the link or something on the Twitter. I was curious, because she had worded it so well, so I went and checked out the videos. They are long and dull, so if you don’t want to torture yourself, glance at the above article for thirty seconds. You’ll figure it all out.

Pretty boring, born again shit, if you ask me. I thought it was awkward, stupid, and felt like I should foot sweep that naive fuck, before he really starts believing this crap.

The thing is, he wasn’t really acting crazy, just a little bit lost and needing to fit in. That’s what these people prey on. They’re like bikers in that sense, so this is probably a safer option than the Hell’s Angel’s, just way less honest.

I’m being serious. He’s a Seventh Day Adventist now, and was talking to this guy that seemed to be some sort of a puppet master. You could tell the kid was taking cues from him, and he was calling the guy “Forerunner”. Naturally I looked into it, and that’s when I got my teeth kicked in with the crazy boots.

Yep, this dude is a certifiable whack-job. A truly frightening one as well, because people are believing his brand of bullshit. I probably watched seven hours of videos of this douchebag spreading the “truth”. The problem is that it didn’t contain anything resembling a fact.


Not one.

He came to Toronto in one video and filmed in the street outside the MTV studios at Yonge and Davenport, which used to be a Masonic Temple. He speaks about how MTV tries to tap into this occult power, so that they can influence our minds with this Satanic media.

Oh, did I forget to tell you that the Freemasons are “Luciferians”? No, that was up at the top. Apparently the Grand Architect of the Freemasons is Satan. Anyhow, he allegedly spoke with an MTV employee who was outside for a smoke, and she told him all about how the president of CTV, which owns MTV Canada and was in that building prior to MTV, was a Freemason, and how the Temple was kept mostly intact. Sounds like a pretty big coverup to me. I mean to house Canada’s largest television network in a satanic cesspool, and then have one of your employees give up your secrets to a random dude on the street, that just happens to be a Seventh Day Adventist pastor with a huge hard on for Masons.

She probably has a really high clearance level. Not anymore. 🙁 Rest in Peace, muchacha.

She’s probably dead now. A new bride for Beelzebub.

I should mention that I watched eight of the eleven Jay-Z Deception videos, and the comments were all about how smart this guy is, and how this shit needs to be exposed to the world, because (insert religious dogma here). I put a comment in to remind people that they should use their brain and not believe everything they see on the internet, especially when it’s from an insane zealot that coincidentally needs you to donate money to make the videos better. I have to say that I just love the irony of it, because this guy is telling you to open your eyes and think, instead of following blindly, but in the same breath, he is telling you what to think. I guess it’s different when he knows he’s right, and the rest of the world are the sheep. Not God’s sheep though, we are the sheep of Satan.

Now let’s get to Jay-Z and the proof that he is one of Satan’s minions. Well, him, Kanye, and Rihanna represent the three gods of the underworld from ancient Egypt. Yep. That’s what Forerunner says.

Mr. Z released his Blueprint 3 album on 9/11/09 and this is what numbnuts came up with through translating Hebrew, the bible, some occult beliefs, astrology, and I belief the mating rituals of the male dingo.

Yep, this is what it meant for a New Yorker to release his album on 9/11. Unfuckingbelievable.

Oh right, The Black Album. Well, a picture speaks a thousand words.

It all makes sense now. How could I have been so blind?

Okay now, enough about all that shit, let’s look at what he can tell us about masturbation.

He says that when men masturbate, we lose 3-5 mg of zinc. He also says that zinc is necessary to produce testosterone, which is what makes us feel like men. I also learned that when I have sex with a woman, my penis absorbs enough vaginal secretions to compensate for the loss of zinc.

Jesus gave us the power to beat masturbation and lustful thoughts, therefore if we truly believe in Jesus’ power on earth, we will have the strength to fight off lustful thoughts, thereby making masturbation unnecessary. Oh yeah, and it’s all a sin. Fucking all of it, I tells ya. I’m putting a link to the video in, for shits and giggles. If you want a horrific laugh, you need to watch this shizzle.

Masturbation video

I noticed some shit about the Illuminati, while I was scrolling through the hundreds of videos on his Youtube channel, and I remembered Not Appropriate Angela writing about DMX and the Illuminati. Go and read that shit. It’s funny and crazy as fuck, and now I understand what these people are talking about. At the time, I was just shocked at how she was giving DMX shit for saying “faggot” and kind of forgot all of the Illuminati.

Until now. That’s going to be my next project I guess. I’m going through this fucking crazy bitch’s vast collection of nuttypants videos to see what else I can get myself worked up over. Hey, he’s obviously raking in enough to fly all over the place to make these videos and spread his lies and asinine beliefs to whoever will listen, right? Maybe I can start acting really intense and clock myself some dough.

Oh well, fuck him, his insanity, and his comment moderation. I couldn’t figure out why there was only comments applauding this idiot’s intelligence and insight, but then I realised that he doesn’t have a very high intelligence, and he deletes any critical comments so it just looks like everyone loves him.

Alrighty then, I’m going to hit the fartsack, because I have to get up in three hours, and I should get rid of a bit of zinc before I go to bed.

Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me,


P.S. I’m really glad that I don’t believe in God right now. Only because it also negates Satan as well, so even if these folks are trying to conjure up a NWO, nothing is going to happen… to me, anyhow.

11 thoughts on “Oh, Sweet Satan

  1. Wow, my little sarcastic tweet bore this awesome, blog posting. I do hope you had a looooooong hot shower after subjecting yourself to all of these despicable videos and what was I’m sure the most intelligent and civilized conversations in the comment sections of said videos. Way to take one for the team buddy.

    • Yeah, if you looked at the comments it would make you sick. I literally wanted to go to their homes and have an intervention. There’s believing in God, and then there’s believing in this shit. Thanks for getting me started.

  2. I seen part of the Angus T video last night on Chelsea Lately. You are right. He looks a bit lost and confused. Poor kid. Getting sucked into this shit.

    BTW, I thought two and half men was bad before all this. Not so much filth. I just don’t like Charlie Sheen or John Cryer. Sorry.

  3. Don’t be dissin’ the Masons, man! That’s just not cool! I’d like to tell ya all about it, but then I’d have to kidnap you and take you to some secret hidaway where we would do some more secret things that may or may not involve a sheep. Or was it a goat? Nevermind that then… I’ve already said too much. That is all.

  4. What the fuck? I couldn’t bring myself to watch the videos because I figured I’d end up chucking my laptop across the room at all the stupidity that those videos project. I just love how nutty, bat shit people can find all sorts of evil clues in everything. I bet every time they take a dump, they feel that a little more satan has left their soul.

    Don’t lose too much zinc. You might need that to combat the morons of the world or something.

  5. I read this post the night you originally posted it, and went on a 2-3 hour binge on videos, much like you did.

    I agree with everything you said here.

    The dude is really creepy. And for the people who watched the videos with the kid from 2.5 Men, you can see the guy look right at the camera at the end and give this really evil face. He’s workin’ on some kind of mind control.

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