Of New Year’s Eve, Shenanigans, And Fresh Ink

This is mostly going to be a picture and video post, because that’s how I feel.

I tried a couple of new kinds of beer last night, and one of them was not too bad, It was called Winter Ale, by Great Lakes Brewery, the other one was actually quite bad, it was called Winter Beard and it was chocolate flavoured. I tried a whole bunch of shots of different things, and some were good. Some others were not so good. Actually, the only one I wasn’t fond of was the Chinese tequila, and I guess the Sauza as well. I like tequila if there’s lemon and salt, but just drinking that shit straight isn’t in the top ten of my favourite boozes. Gadget brought the Mamajuana, and I did like that stuff, but everyone else seemed to think it wasn’t worth even drinking. I got that impression when people ran away as we poured it. You can see the video of ┬áthat coming up next.

As you might have guessed, we spent some time at the bar…

Gadget brought the good stuff

She had some of everything

There was some dancing…

Fuck you Cooper, I’m leading

Everybody say “Whoop, there it is”

It’s not a mistletoe Wayne



There were photo shoots…


Mmmmm, drunk chicks

Our hosts were terribly happy







So sparkly, they must be in Vegas, right?

And more photo shoots…


Fuck he’s handsome

He’s getting lucky after, you can tell by that smile





They’re both disgustingly tall

There were sexy photo shoots…


Seriously Gadget, am I the only one into this?

Gadget’s in almost all the sexy photos






Looks like I left a little too early

Who doesn’t love drunk chicks kissing?

This is how wife swapping starts. Shouldn’t they be smiling a lot more than that?









Maybe I’m biased, but this is giving me wood

And there was just plain old craziness…

We’re not short, he’s freakishly tall


I think you need smaller frames, and maybe a bit more squareness









Hey, is that the new Sanchez?

Things got a little freaky, but we don’t judge














That is by no means the end of it. We still have to see the tats that were so tastefully done. Here’s some of Mrs. Birdman’s handiwork…

That’s dead on, if you ask me.

Who doesn’t love a mock nipple piercing?














And now for Gadget’s artsy drawings. (editor’s note: I was asked to please not show the one on my chest, because of how vile and disgusting it was, so I’m not going to. As much as I believe in freedom of expression, I believe in safe and happy cocooning more.) He is definitely on his way to becoming one of Wicklow’s foremost tattoo artists, as you can tell by these…

Yep, the other one is way worse

I feel that this is his masterpiece.

I should probably mention that Gadget was going to do an 8 ball on my neck, and a couple of teardrops under my eyes, but the fun police jumped in and put a soul crushing stop to our festive spirits.

This is what the fun police look like. Beware.

Now the final bit of archived footage from the party, unless someone else sends some in, is coming up next. We couldn’t put all of the photos up here, but they will all be on the Facebook page, so if you check it out, you’ll see the infamous tattoo, that will never be seen on this blog.

Well, there’s not much left to tell you all. We hope that 2012 will be better than 2011, and not because 2011 wasn’t amazing, because it was, but I’m greedy and I want more health and happiness in for all of my friends. I can honestly say that we think of you as our friends (the ones who interact with us, anyhow), and I don’t think that it cheapens a friendship if we’ve never physically met. We appreciate every single one of you that reads this blog, and we hope you will keep reading, and following Chin, Mrs. Birdman, and myself through this crazy, exciting, and fun thing that we call life. we raise our glasses to you, and hope for the best in the coming year, and years for each and every one of you.

We would have put a picture of Chin in here, but he hasn’t supplied us with any.


We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet for auld lang syne,

Birdman and Mrs. Birdman

P.S. I want to thank my soul partner for making this blog possible. If it weren’t for her, it would be nothing but cell phone pics and my words. I think that we can all agree, that it’s not enough to keep you riveted to your computer screen, as you most likely are every day. She knows that I appreciate everything that she does, but I think that the readers should know that she puts as much of her soul into this blog as I do, and a hell of a lot more talent. So if you see her out and about, maybe you could give her a pat on the back, and as much money as you have on your person, because she deserves it, and we would like to retire soon.


7 thoughts on “Of New Year’s Eve, Shenanigans, And Fresh Ink

  1. I so enjoy reading your blog, its kind of like my cup of java in the morning, oh and by the way I havent had one yet, still brewing….
    I wish the both of you true happiness and love in 2012, and that you both get real tatts from a real artist and I am hoping the “C” word will be cut from them…Cheers!!!!!

    • Oh, I’ll be getting a real one for sure. It will probably be much sweeter than these ones. Happy new year to you and yours as well.

  2. good job Chris…some great pics……we really did have a fabulous night…It just wouldnt be a party without you and Mrs. Birdman…
    Love you both…

    • It would have still been a party, but it wouldn’t have had that odd smell to it. We are very thankful to have you guys as friends, team mates, and partners in crime, and we look forward to many more new years with all of you. Thanks for all the memories, photo ops, and what I think is chlamydia. That might have been from Cooper.

  3. I have checked out the pics on the Facebook as well. And I have to agree with Birdman. I love drunk chicks kissing.

    And nice tats Birdman! Is Gadget available for non party situations? he does some damn good work. (Not really but I was trying to be positive.)

    Mrs.Birdman and her chicks are HOOOOOOTT!!!! You are a lucky man to ne hanging out with such good looking folks.

    Wish I could have joined you.

    • possibly one of the funniest nights ever!
      Vette – non party situations are definitely a possibility, the ink probably won’t get as graphic as Birdmans chest tat, but book far enough in advance and i will try to be shitcanned before i arrive!
      Penny and I didn’t stick around much past midnight, we celebrated a bit too much before 12pm (a couple different ways, in a couple different rooms of Sniper’s Compound)!
      Had a great time and look forward to southern meetings with better tasting refreshments! MAMAJUANA! no thank you – had wood that an axe couldn’t knock down!
      Safe trip Birdman, see you in FEB!

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