My ultimate dream prize

As some of you may know, I received an invite to the 107.9 The Breeze $10000 dream prize party. I had a chance to win my choice of six different prizes worth ten grand. I didn’t win the prize, but I never really figured I would. I was just excited to meet the morning show crew that I listen to when I start my daily routine. Sure ten thousand bucks worth of groceries would have been a sweet bonus, but it was just nice to know I was going to put some faces to the names that I hear every day.

I listen to The Breeze every morning when I’m in the area (you can listen online), and I really like the Big Breakfast, featuring Jay Sharp, Joe Snider, Inga Belge and Megan Murphy. The personalities of the gang are very complimentary, and they completely make up for the repetitive music playlist. You know I love Rag Mama Rag a lot, but The Band has so many more, deserving songs that I feel could be played as well, and as much as I like Bruce Cockburn, I don’t feel we need to hear Tokyo, or Coldest Night of the Year, every single day. I have never even seen them in someone’s playlist or CD library before, so why do they garner so much air play. Anyhow, enough of my griping, I have been listening to them for a year and a half now, since I moved back from the west, and I have found them to be very interesting people from hearing their stories and on-air lives. That is why I was so excited to score this invitation to the party.

When I went in to pick up my invite from the beautiful, funny and, I assume, brilliant Kristy, I was pleasantly surprised when the one and only Jay Sharp walked out into the reception area. It was like meeting royalty for me, and I felt like I should give him some money or some baubles or something. I had received countless hours of free entertainment from this man, and I felt I should repay him in some small way. Then the thought came to me. Maybe I should hug him and cup his buttocks with my strong hands. I am embarrassed to say that I got too nervous and just stammered something that sounded like a leopard killing an antelope. There was one of my people to meet crossed off the list, now only three more to go.

How sexy is this man?

Fast forward to Sunday morning. We piled into the van, with three quarters of us nursing sore heads and bellies, and headed to Kawartha Downs for the party. I gotta say, calling it a party was a little misleading. We showed up with a cooler full of beer and rum, an ounce of weed, a hookah pipe, and two strippers that we picked up in Belleville. The security guards stopped us at the entrance, and promptly called the cops. (Apparently, the topless law in Ontario only applies to public property.) I voiced my opinion on the subject, and explained that I had an invitation, which I quickly produced for them. By now Joey had given the pot to the strippers, Chastity and Destiny were their names, and had set the pipe on the ground. You see, Joey’s no dummy when it comes to dodging the po po, so when the law came screaming up, Destiny got pinched, and they had an outstanding warrant for Chastity. Turns out they were lying to us, and their real names were Judy and Ted, so I didn’t feel too bad when they got hauled off, and I was thankful their shorts had stayed on. We put the cooler back in the van and went inside, only to find out that there wasn’t much happening in the way of a party. Joey pulled a couple of T-Dolls out of his pocket and handed me one. I crushed it up on the picnic table and snorted it, while a couple of ladies checked out the camper trailer right beside me.

Okay, maybe it was more like this: Joey, Mrs.Birdman, Khrissy and I waited in line for half an hour, went in to meet my idols, saw that they were busy and then went outside to let the sun hurt my brain. I got to meet Rob “The Rocket” Mitchell, and then we went back inside where the folks were setting things up, so I went over and introduced myself to Joseph P Snider. I was kind of hoping for a deeper voiced, Les Nessman, but was presented with one hell of a strapping fellow. The sheer power of the man’s handshake was emotionally crippling, and his rapt gaze pierced my very being to the core. I had to pull myself away as I felt him extracting tiny, but very important bits of my tender soul. I then turned my attention to the beautiful, angelic face of Megan P Murphy, and found my faith in humanity slowly being restored. I envisioned African children, having their bellies filled by her aura, and dictators freeing their citizens from tyranny. I wanted to hug her more than I’ve ever wanted anything, but alas, Mrs. Birdman beat me to it. I was saddened to hear that Inga B. was not attending the event, because I wanted to commend her for her bravery, working in such close quarters with these formidable specimens of humankind. I also got to see Jay Sharp again, but not for very long. I felt him making me wish I was gay, and then he broke the connection to get something ready with the production.

Ethereal beauty, personified

Don't look into his eyes

I did not win the $10000 dream prize, but I walked away with a new respect for people who work in radio. I also got to see some wonderful sets of breasts, hold hands with the love of my life, meet some of my morning heroes and see two people win a prize that made them so happy that I didn’t care whether I won a million dollars. I left that place with a huge smile on my hungover face, a beautiful woman on my arm, and a mission to try for a job at The Breeze when I get back in the spring.

I hate graveyards and old pawn shops,


P.S. Jay Sharp smelled like charisma and Puritan Irish Stew, two of my favorite things.

5 thoughts on “My ultimate dream prize

  1. I’ve never been mentioned in a blog before and I spend much of my free time trolling the triple “W” (World Wide Web for those confused by my hipster slang) looking for mentions of me. Today marks an exciting new chapter in my life thanks to The Birdman. Thank you for your kind comments and for supporting our humble little show. I’m sad I didn’t get to chat with you more, Birdman but it was great to see you in person again. I was slightly terrified to go on stage but your rugged good looks calmed me. I have a feeling we will have many opportunities to chat face to face in the future.

    All my best to you and Mrs Birdman! One of my highlights yesterday was getting my photo taken with her!

    love jay

    Please do not hold back on the urge to firmly cup my buttocks next time we meet.

    • It’s a dream of mine to one day get “boozy” with you, sir. I hope that this comes to pass. Until then, I will try to listen online or any other way I can. Thanks for your kindness and for noticing my ruggedness. I pride myself on my skunk skin shirt collection.

  2. Mr. Bird!!! The one and only, canned stewed meat stinkin’, Jason A Sharp, directed me to your blog and my my my, what a day-maker it is!! Thank you for the kind words! It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance yesterday as I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews of the Birdman! And how could they be wrong with such a beautiful and fine feathered woman on your arm!! I’m a big fan of the newly promised Bird family! My only issue with you, is that you chose to buckle to security at the door and put your shirt back on. Tsk Tsk. I will expect better of you next time.

    Looking forward to our paths crossing again soon,

    Megan P.

    • I don’t think you should have any issues about that, I’m not the one who advertised a party and then accosted the guests for their style of partying. The only reason I buckled was because I didn’t want to mess up my chances of meeting you. My beautiful fiance told me it was worth putting clothes on for. She spoke quite highly of the lot of you. How come the children don’t come to the house when I’m here alone? I am on the porch yelling that I have something for them. Bah, stupid kids. Looks like daddy scored 40 bags of Cheetos. Take very good care of yourself, Megan P., but more importantly, take care of Jay and Joe. You might want to look in on Joel too, he is looking a bit peaked.

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