Movember the 24th, the weekly shave day

Well, I broke down and shaved today. I’m not happy to be showcasing my lip strip, but there you go. I hope Kimmy K is happy with my freakishly perverted looking mo. I know my lady is happy… happy she doesn’t have to look directly at it. Anyway, I know that no one needs the link, but I feel I have to keep asking for your money. I guess it’s the whole fundraiser thing that makes me feel that way, so here’s the damn link

Chris Bird’s MoSpace page. Where he urges you to give

a measly donation to help out the cancer people.

This is the before you donate face


I’m not saying that you have to donate any of your ducats, but if you don’t, I’m going to start sending your name to mailing lists.


This is the after donation face. Notice the "I might try anything" look in my eyes?


Anyhow, I shall get off of here. It looks like the Chinny Chin Chin has a post for tomorrow, so I shall go and make sure there is isn’t a Primordial Dwarf sex scene in it.

Take a load off Annie, take a load for free,


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