Movember Gala Parté

Yes sir! We thought we would head up and check out the big Movember Canada gala event at Kool Haus (The Guvernment), down by the waterfront in Toronto on Friday night. What a cool party. Other than the $25 to park, it didn’t cost us anything to attend. The tickets were free, because our team totally rocked the shit out of fundraising, and as we went through the door, we were handed free tall boy tickets from Molson. Every time we went through the door.

Before we get going, I should show you what Gadget did for the cause.

He’s a trooper.

That’s right, he shaved his head, except for a huge moustache at the back. Don’t laugh, it got him into the kitchen at The Keg with a couple of hot waitresses.

Inside we were greeted with quite a few moustaches and the Appleton Estates Ice Bar Thingy, where they pour a shot through this carved block of ice, and into your glass. For someone who likes to drink straight rum, this would be the place for you. You could just stand there and do a free shot, walk out to the lobby, punch the bag to win a Schick t-shirt (I was pretty close), back through the door for another free tall boy, lather, rinse, repeat.

Yeah, I don’t think it was just the rum that attracted the boys.

Go Penny, go.

The venue was pretty cool. I had never been before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It will hold up to 2000 people and has about five bars and a pretty big stage. We wandered around a bit and got our pictures taken on a Harley for a free t-shirt, which we are auctioning off later in the post.

This was just there. I think it was the one you could win.

This isn’t us, but it is the bike.

This is us and the bike. I haven’t rode a motorcycle drunk since ’97. Like the boots? They almost touch the ground.

We also had to play a deke out game for a Sherwood Movember edition stick (Gadget might have won it, I sucked ass), but we got free pucks, so that was cool. They are selling these sticks, with 15% of the proceeds being donated to Movember, so if you’re looking to fork out a bunch of dough for a premium stick, think about getting one of these.

I got 16 and Gadget got 32. He was in second place when we left. I was not.

We did each get one of these though. That’s pretty cool.

There was the identification chart

There were a lot of interesting characters there, and all of them took pics with the back of Gadget’s melon. Well, they all took pics of his melon, but a few wanted pics with him. I got to hang out with Gunther and Albrecht, and Teen Wolf, so that was cool.

We need to get him a backwards suit for next year.

Handsome, strapping lads, those Germans… Or maybe they’re Austrians or Bavarians. Who knows?

Are you kidding me? My wig was making me sweat.

There was a photo booth type setup as well.

I guess we should have got closer.

And then there was our usual photos of tomfoolery.

Shut up and get to motorboatin’

Out in the lobby. We had to wait until the wrestler was gone, or Gadget was gonna kill him. Well, try to kill him.

Aaaaaaaayyyyyyyy, sexy ladies

Maybe you forgot about the bromance?

That’s a damn nice shirt I have on.

That’s a sexy couple.

Oh yeah, there was a band called Dwayne Gretzky. They were fucking fantastic. Check them out on Youtube, their site, or at a show if you live in southern Ontario. They really were amazing, and it’s not just me that thought so. It was unanimous.

We’ll be looking for them again, so if anyone sees that they’re playing nearby, let us know.

Shot of the crowd and the main bar sign

There you have it. We are going to work at getting some rooms next year, and do it up right. Hopefully we can get the whole team to go, and just grab a cab at the end of the night, because that was some fun shit, with some really crazy bastards. No one took themselves too seriously, and there were so many outlandish costumes that you couldn’t see them all. Definitely going back, even if I do have to fork over the money for the ticket.

(Update- Gadget has just thrown his shirt in as well, so the auction is either for a pair of shirts, or two auctions for one shirt. I guess it’ll be whatever people want.) Now, I am going to auction the shirt I got from Harley-Davidson, who so generously partnered up with Movember Canada to help raise awareness and funds for a great cause, to the highest bidder. The bidding will start at $5 and any proceeds will be donated to the team, because they are accepting donations until the end of December, and really, I’m not a Harley guy. I love the look of them, and the fact that they are made in the USA, and not shipped in from overseas, but I just don’t need another t-shirt, and I do need another donation, so here we are. You can leave your bid on here in a comment, on the Facebook page, or on the Google+ page, until December 15th. We will then notify the winner, and when the donation comes in, we shall ship this puppy out. It is a licensed HD shirt, and it’s an XL in size. It feels like a good, heavy cotton to me, and not one of those cheap beer case shirts.

Come on, it’ll cost more than $5 for me to ship it to you.

Yeah, and Rama of the jungle was everyone’s Bawana, but only jazz musicians were smokin’ marijuana,


P.S. We managed to escape with these.

We found them in the parking lot.

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  1. Hey Birdman, I will give you my shirt for auction too – i’ve never owned a Harley, so i don’t need the shirt! same deal – go towards the team!
    Have at ‘er!

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