Movember 4th The day of reckoning

Well, I guess the boss has spoken. I’m going with a cheesy, pencil thin moustache. Thank you to Darcy for the winning photo. I love looking at your pic because it’s soooo skeevy and dirty. I really wanted the “Zappa”, but as soon as Mrs. Birdman saw it, she put the kibosh on that shit. You can come by and get your free hugs whenever you’re in Colborne, or I can put them on layaway. Anyhow, here’s the beginnings of greatness.

The 4th of Movember. Nose wound is healing nicely, Found some dirt on my lip.


Before I go, I’ll get a professional pic done. I know a girl who’s pretty good with a camera, she’s easy but she’s not cheap.

Ladies, did you know that you should be checking your man’s testicles for abnormalities? It should be done at his convenience, and be done in a gentle, teasing manner. There should be some kissing of the nipples and neck, mixed with raspy breathing and telling him what a good boy he is. That is just so he doesn’t feel nervous about getting examined. While this is happening, you should get him to examine your breasts for lumps, you know, kill two birds with one stone. You might as well grab some lube and have a little butt sex while you’re getting each other all randy and shit. Now, I’m going to see how many randoms on the street I can get to examine my testicles. I hope it’s more than last time.(that was 0)

You gotta know when to hold ’em,



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