Movember 14th I’m sick and whiny

I hope that no one, except Katie, is too upset about the lack of a post yesterday, but we were very busy sleeping in, eating breakfast, hospital visiting, Santa Claus parading, and being sick to bother with shaving or posting anything. For Katie and Roadie, Kimmy, my sister, and my sweet, sweet Baby, I have shaved and had a pic taken, for you. I appreciate your donations, and I thank you on behalf of myself, and men everywhere. We love you all, very much. So without further ado…

I think I look even pervier when I'm sick.


Did you know that men get cancer all the time? It’s true. Approximately 45% of Canadian men will get cancer in their lifetime, compared with 40% of Canadian women. Okay, so maybe that’s not all the time, but it’s almost half of the time, and that’s pretty damn bad. It’s said that 1 in 4 Canadians is estimated to die of cancer, and I think that’s a pretty bad way to die. I wouldn’t be nearly as worried if everyone was dying peacefully in their sleep, because we all have to die someday, but I have watched cancer take hold of a lot of people that I love, and it just decimates them. If I can help people to not have to suffer that often long, grief riddled journey, I have to try. Even if it’s growing a silly looking moustache for a month to make $20, that’s not going to hurt anyone, and you never know, it may actually help. So donate if you can, share with your friends if you can’t. Every little bit helps, and if you can’t afford to donate, that’s okay. I haven’t got a bunch of extra $$$ either.

Keep on rockin’ in the free world,


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