Mother Nature Is A Temper-mental B@%tch

I would like to start by thanking Air Canada for the less than lovely return flight to Calgary. When the line up to board our flight began I saw someone ahead of us be asked to wait off to the side for a moment. Thats when I realized the Bird probably wasn’t getting on the plane. After showing my boarding pass and continuing, the Bird realized he was wasn’t getting on the plane too. Thanks to some crafty manipulation of facts and information by an employee of Air Canada I was convinced that staying on that plane was a better choice than my offer to give up my seat and wait with the Bird. After all I would only have to wait 2 hours in Calgary for his flight to land as he was getting on the next flight. With the efficiency and organization of a Mexican election, the national airline finally got me to Calgary and the Bird arrived 35 minutes later wearing wrinkled clothes and a sheepish grin, neither of which I haven’t seen before. The wrinkled clothes are the result of being not so carefully packed in a hockey bag while still partially wet and left to freeze in the trunk of the green goblin for three weeks in the parking lot in Calgary.

Anyway, we’re back in Hudson’s Hope at Aaron and Lannie’s now(Lannie loves the wrinkled clothes). For the past few days we’ve been house guests of two very hospitable and generous people and I can’t thank them enough for being such amazing hosts. Their sons, Keegan and Austin are a lot of fun to be around and it seems they have an endless supply of books for me to read to them. The boys like to sit on the couch with me and read read read. Austin usually likes to sit right up on my lap while Keegan sits beside me. It reminds of when the princesses were little and used to sit with me all the time.

The weather here has been abnormally warm recently so that creates a problem for building ice roads. So we wait. While it sucks that we aren’t working right now because of the weather it has given me the opportunity meet some more friends of the Bird and I now have seen for myself that the roads in Northern BC actually are paved. I met some of the Bird’s friends back in November and we’ve seen them again which has been great and now I’ve met Deb, Kimmy K and Johnny. Deb owns a restaurant here in Hudson’s Hope where we had some fantastic Burritos(the refried beans should be working soon). Kimmy loves animals, except maybe a few unmentionable breeds with sharp teeth and tendencies to bite. Johnny is Julie’s husband, I met Julie back in November. I met Johnny two days ago as he was standing in the middle of the road yelling “Hey Bird, we gotta get the loaves flowing”. That will make more sense when I tell you that Johnny works for the town of Hudson’s Hope and his crew was making good use of the sewer flushing machine. Later that day we went to Julie and Johnny’s for a visit. That was fun. The Bird had a few beer while Johnny drank his Bombay gin and told stories, Julie sat wrapped in a blanket drinking her organic beer and bemoaning the fact that none of her kids have made her a grandmother yet. As we left Johnny told us that Sunday will be “mischief day”, Julie has to work and he’s got a bonfire ready to go! Sounds like fun to me.

Almost spoiled my lunch.

Saturday was fun. My day started with 2 cups of coffee and about 12 books with the boys. Then we drove to Fort St. John to pick up Yvette for lunch. Even though we told her it was optional she decided she would get dressed for the occasion. Probably a good idea, although it’s unseasonably warm here, its still hovering around the freezing point. We went to Tony Roma’s for lunch. The food was good and the service was poor, although they were nice enough to not charge the Bird for food he didn’t get, so that was good. I managed to prove to Yvette that chivalry isn’t dead yet by graciously offering to sit in the back of the goblin and let her climb through the window of the temporarily out of order passenger door. The three of us spent the fun filled afternoon browsing through thrift shops, safety stores and Mark’s Work Warehouse. Basically just a day of general mayhem and assorted shenanigans(the word shenanigans was specifically used for Yvette). Many people may not realize that the word is derived from the Shenanigoa Indian tribe of northern Arizona. They were a pleasant tribe known for playing harmless pranks on the early settlers as they moved west across the desert. Yvette mentioned she has always been a fan of the word so I thought I would share that fact.

After parting ways the Bird and I picked up a few items for Lannie at the local grocer, enjoyed some mediocre service at Tim Hortons and headed back to Hudson’s Hope. Lannie created a delicious meal while Aaron and the Bird relived days gone by and I spent some time with the boys and Dr. Suess. After a somewhat heated debate the three of us sided with the fish and agreed that the Cat in the Hat should not be in the house while the mother is out!

The night winded down while Aaron and Lannie got the boys to bed and the Bird tried unsuccessfully to upload the video of Yvette gracefully entering the green goblin through the window. The video would’ve aired today but apparently Mother Bird is at a birthday party doing Jello shots out of the navel of a sweaty eastern European stripper named “Vlad the Impaler”. Apparently he’s also known as the “Pole”, I would assume it’s because he’s from Poland.

Anyway, hopefully Mother nature gets her act together and turns the heat off so we can make some ice. I’ve never been known for liking weather but I’m out here to work, so lets get winter rockin so we can build some ice roads and come home.

Where there’s a will…there’s usually relatives fighting over it.

Love Always

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